I used to consider autumn one of my favorite seasons ever, but now I have a hard time enjoying it because I know it goes too quickly before the cold comes.  I like doing outdoor activities during warm months.  Here in NJ we do get to enjoy all seasons, but our winters usually feel about 5 months long instead of three.


In early September, it was my friend Nicole’s birthday.  We’ve been friends since high school but for most of the past ten years she has either lived in PA (we did visit a couple times) or in VA (never visited yet).  I called her on her birthday and she told me she was up in NJ visiting her family.  The following day her family and our family hung out as well as our high school friend Sandra and her husband.  Sandra is pregnant with her first child and is adorable.  Nicole recently had hip surgery so she was either in a wheelchair or in crutches while we were there.

The following day we went to our pastor’s home and went to the community pool there.  The boys got to hang out with two of their church friends as well as another girl and her mom who we had met once before.  It was really lovely and was a great day.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

At one of the ice cream places we frequent.

Rob trimmed his beard after having it for a year.  It doesn’t stick out as much on the sides, but he went a little too short there (while also fixing the length a bit).  He also became an elder at our Mennonite church.

We tend to have recess time together in between the homeschooling lessons.  September and early October have been somewhat warm and lovely, though now it is starting to get cold again.  They tend to run around the yard but other times they just relax in the grass while talking and playing with some toys.barefootsomemore3Processed with VSCO with kk2 presetWe enjoyed going to a street fair in the town I grew up in, though we only really went for the food and the free bouncy houses they had set up in an area!  I bumped into loads of people I knew and saw regularly for a portion of my life.  It is sometimes weird when it seems like no time has passed when you see them again after so long.  Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We have a few Fair Trade coffee shops that we go to within a 40 minute radius that we try out or go to regularly.  I buy hot cocoa because I don’t like coffee, though I love telling people about Fair Trade and ethical coffees and cocoas!

I took the boys to the pumpkin patch during an afternoon and we had the whole place to ourselves.  They got to run around everywhere, see the animals together, pick out their pumpkins (which they painted, as we have them do every year that they look forward to it), and just be silly.

Rob and I celebrated 16 years together as a couple on the 5th.  We recreated one of the first pictures taken of us shortly after we became a couple.  Leto took the new picture which was tough and why I am not smiling as widely as in the first picture. Funny how much we accessorized in the past compared to now and how much thinner our jeans have become. Anyway, we constantly walk around with my arm in his like this so it is cute to see how early on we started to do this (we hold hands too, but I think we do this more). 16yearsdifferent

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