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Chalk Art

It is not the first time I posted about my sons drawing in our driveway with chalk, but we hadn’t done it since then, which was already nearly 4 years ago.
While I regularly go through our possessions to purge what is not being used, I noticed an unopened pack of chalk.  I have no idea how I got it and didn’t know I had it.

Our landlord recently decided to repave our driveway.  It was falling apart, mainly due to a fallen tree from those same exact 4 years ago.  The roots pulled out some of the pavement and we bumped up and down a lot whenever entering the driveway.

It was fun for the boys to draw on the new driveway!  We did so during a recess break and the boys definitely look forward to doing it more too.
chalkart8thumbchalkart5thumbchalkart4thumbchalkart3thumbchalkart2thumbProcessed with VSCO with kk2 presetchalkart7thumb


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