For a few years I have been unhappy with my bathroom walls.  We had painted them a weird olive-brown color which was far too dark especially when in the shower (see the ugly color here).  They were an off-white when we moved in.  We have a contract with our landlord that we need to repaint our walls every three years (we didn’t even paint them for a couple years of living here).  It has been 5 or 6 years since we painted our home’s walls.

I do think our bathroom is pretty spacious, but then again we have no tub (which is so sad for me who loves baths).  I finally let my landlord know that I was going to paint our bathroom.  He provides the paint and supplies for me, which is awesome.  It took me a few hours to do two coats of white on the walls, and one coat on the ceiling.  I am pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

The following day I planned on making curtains for the walls.  I found this walk-through of how to do it, headed out to JoAnn Fabric store to buy the supplies (thank God I get such large discounts there with loads of coupons I can use at once), and I got to work while going back and forth between helping the boys with their schooling and doing the curtains.  I had a hard time figuring out some of the directions but once that lightbulb went off in my head I was on a roll!  I really am satisfied with the outcome!!!

I wanted to be all, “I can do it!” over the drilling but had a hard time due to studs.  I was afraid of putting a bunch of holes into the walls that I diligently painted.  I called my dad who was a general contractor/carpenter for most of my life for some advice.  He came over with his own drill and showed me where I went wrong and worked with me (but doing most of the work to fix my issues).

Then we put up the towel rack on the one wall and my dad did the last small towel holder drilling on the sink.  I hammered in the nails to put up the little bits of art up.  I really love how it turned out! I plan on removing the blinds and moving the plant to the center of the window’s view (just haven’t yet).

What do you think?  Have you taken on such projects pretty much on your own too?  What did you learn from the experience?  I keep walking into the room and loving it!
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  1. It looks so great! What an amazing outcome for a day’s worth of work!

  2. […] I made the curtains, of course!  I did it the same way that I made our bathroom curtain. […]


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