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Summery Autumn Days

Once a week I am at my parents’ house and they have a really nice big yard, woods, a river, and hardly any neighbors.  It is quiet and peaceful there.  It has been warm outside this week and I have been loving it.  I love to see little hints of beauty that God leaves for me to explore.  My sons followed me as I was doing this and asked questions.  Good lessons from it!

1. A leaf holding on for dear life before it falls.
2. The beautiful sky with a tree that still has green leaves
3. The woods/river –  I love the reflection
4. A dragonfly (it let me pet it for a couple minutes before flying off)
5. & 6. Little berries
7. & 8. A beat up birdhouse with two abandoned nests


3 thoughts on “Summery Autumn Days

    1. What very pretty butterflies they are too! I just saw them. Crazy to think you have them there in Texas right now. They travel so far and leave here usually in August or early September. I have never seen or heard of a green lynx spider until going there to your blog! Your sons did a great job drawing it. Are they friendly or do they leave a mighty nasty bite?

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