I posted a Minimalist’s Birthday Wishlist to explain my wants for my 33rd birthday that was on November 3rd.

1. I took a bath!
I go to my parents’ house once a week and took advantage of their bathtub two days before my actual birthday while the boys watched the first half of Tarzan.  I used a bath bomb from my local Lush store. It was so great to relax and sit in the water until my fingers and toes pruned.  I really hated getting out of it!  It was totally worth it.
Of course the following day I was blessed with an amazing gift in the mail from Kelli that included a bath bomb!  It is the only actual present I received too which will be used fully (just as minimalists love doing).  Now I get to have another bath coming up (such an amazing and cool thing), plus use some pretty smelling soaps at the same time!  Thank you so much!  I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of love and gratitude in receiving it.  I teared up when I received it!

2. I went on a field trip!
My number one choice field trip was not open on my birthday when I called for a reservation.  Rob had taken the day off already, so I moved on to the next choice which was The Seeing Eye.  In case you are unfamiliar with its history, it was the first place in the US that trained dogs to guide the blind back in 1929.  They are a donation-run facility that trains dogs and teaches a blind person how to use it.
I had been there before as a child, but the boys needed to learn about it.  It was educational and great for them!  A blind person had her dog with her and told stories of the dogs she had in her college days up through her adult life (she looked to be in her late 50s/early 60s now).  There was also a dog trainer who came in and talked about a dog named Charlie that completed his training and is waiting to be matched with his person (pictured below).  We then received a tour and learned the background history as well.

3.  I had Korean food.
Although I was sad that they had no tteokbokki to eat that day (it is on rotation each week), I was so full with the food I shared with Rob which was dak bul go gil (chicken with house sauce).  The boys get full simply from eating goon man doo (fried dumplings).  We were really tired at this point and the boys were sleepy.

4. An extra!!  Chocolate chip cookie pie!
Rob took us to Mara’s Bakery and Cafe after we went to The Seeing Eye.  I think we would have done this part differently if we planned it, but it was very lovely, just as well!  I wouldn’t have bought this if I asked for the price of it first, as it all went in our bellies in a day anyway, but Rob had once-upon-a-time bought me this for my birthday many years ago and I always loved it.   How I wish it could magically appear before me right now so I could eat it again!
The whole week was really nice and it seems we did a lot of eating outside of the home (taking a load off of my work as a housewife).  I spent one of the afternoons with my mom who took us to a cafe to eat outdoors and to a park where the boys got to run around and play a bunch as we talked.

It was such a warm birthday week which rarely happens (I remember it happening maybe two or three times only now).  I really enjoyed being outside and enjoying nature!  The week is over, so my “birthday queenship” is now complete.  It was so much fun though.  I am thankful to say that the past two birthdays I’ve had were favorites of mine simply because they were filled with fun experiences and nice times!  My husband treats me really well and is such a blessing to my life.

Below is a picture of my mom. We both were eating eggplant Parmesan soup .

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day! I’m so glad that the Lush stuff got there before your birthday and that now you get to have another bath! I am glad my gift made you feel loved – that was my intention 🙂

    That seeing-eye-dog museum sounds so interesting! I have always wondered how they are trained.

    All the food looks so yummy and I’m glad you got to indulge by going out a few times in celebration of you.. that always feels special.

    • They showed ways of how they train the dogs and it is so cool how obedient and careful they are to protect and care for their blind owner. There are only 3 breeds of dogs they use for it too: Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retreivers (they sometimes mix breed them with Goldens because Goldens are more obedient and less oafy), and German Shepherds. They train Poodles for those with hypoallergenic needs. Anyway, we were there for two hours and learned much!

      I would love to be able to send you a thank you card if possible. Perhaps you have a PO Box I can send it to? I have a video I still need to edit where I show the items in my hands and thank you in that way too. . .because it was right after I opened it (and I look really disheveled but oh well). I hope to have the video out in the next couple of days. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!


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