My husband Rob can easily sit in a chair outside or next to a window without any noise or distractions for a full hour or two.  When I see him do this, I know he is content and thankful.  He enjoys what he has in that moment especially.

We live in a world filled with constant noise and distractions.  The world tells us that we will never have enough or maybe never even be enough if we don’t have or do whatever is being pushed on us through advertisements or the pressures of friends and family.

I’m here to say that maybe we all have too much or have just what we need already.  Maybe you just need to remember that nothing will satisfy your cravings.  Just like how we over stuff our bellies on Thanksgiving dinner.  We gorge on messages that tear our lives apart, cause us to feel disbelief, bring fear, and cause complaints.

Here’s what I want to suggest to you during your Thanksgiving weekend:
1.  Make a list of just ten items in your own possession that you don’t really use or need.  Either donate, sell, or give that item to someone you know who may find a greater use or purpose for it.  If you feel like adding even more to the list, feel free to do so!  Sometimes simply getting rid of things can help lift away burdens, but be sure to keep those burdens off!

2.  Make a list of ten things that you own and use regularly that you are thankful for.  Cultivate your usages of those things.  See if these things can inspire, help others, or simply bring yourself contentment.  Understand why you are thankful for it.

3.  List ten things that you like about yourself.  Know that those things are what make you awesome!  Know that you are valuable and wonderful!  Focus on these things when someone may try to bring you down or belittle you.  Always make sure that you try to improve your life, though not with stuff or clutter.

4.  Consider the needs of others.  While you most likely have what you need, there are many who don’t even have basic needs.  Research organizations or companies that are out to help these people.  Perhaps you can provide clean water, food, education, clothing, medical attention, shelter, or supplies for helping them start a business to provide for their family’s needs.

5.  Pray alone or with your friends and family.  Encourage them and admit if you are in need of some encouragement yourself.  Ephesians 5 says to walk in love and to be imitators of God.  It talks about how we should be thankful at all times (yes, even in the worst situations it is good to find something to be thankful for).  We are to be careful in what we do while being like a servant to all, through that love we are to show them.   Being thankful for Christ’s love makes life’s worth feel stronger.  Everything else mentioned just helps make life a little easier.  Prayer can strengthen you and others.

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  1. What a great reminder to be Thankful this season – not only now, but also leading into Christmas!

  2. I really like this list and the call to be content with what we already have. I think I will take your suggestions for the weekend! They seem like great ways to mindfully celebrate the true nature of Thanksgiving.

  3. […] throughout the weekend instead of immediately switching gears because of Black Friday, here are 10 Steps for Living in a State of Thankfulness. (You might recognize Victoria/Justice Pirate from her frequent commenting on this blog – […]


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