Approach the process of decluttering with a mindset of fun and excitement!  If you decide that you need to declutter your home but all you see is built up anxiety, it will be complicated for you.

I personally find decluttering to be a stress reliever and a fun task (but I also like cleaning in general).  I don’t really have any clutter in my home and really get an itch for wanting to declutter other people’s homes as a “side job” (if you know me in person, I’ll gladly come help you out).

1.  Schedule it out
Don’t do your decluttering all at one time!  Set aside an hour to begin your process.  If you are enjoying it and don’t want to stop after an hour, then by all means, continue.  I find that when you focus on a portion of your home and concentrate only on that area for an hour, it makes it easier.  In less than a week you can get one whole room done!  Maybe you want a week off before going to the next room.  Just make sure you don’t forget to move on.  Your decluttering efforts may take a month to a year depending on how you schedule things.  It is for you to decide.
An example schedule: Bedroom closet clothes sorting on Monday (if you have one of those walk-in-closets this process may take even a few days to a week or two).  Bedroom closet drawers/shelves/etc on Tuesday.  Bedroom drawers and shelves on Wednesday.  Relax on Thursday. Bedroom trinkets and surface items on Friday.  Double checking and organizing items on Saturday.

2.  Be Mary Poppins about it. “The job’s a game!
Put on some music or listen to a podcast while you do your decluttering.  You can even sing and dance while decluttering your home.  Although you can’t snap your fingers and get things done, before you know it, you’ll believe that was all it took.

3.  Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore!
You are going to find items that you forgot you had that you begin to ponder usages for again.  You haven’t seen, touched, or used that item in so long.  Just let it go.  Donate it or give it away to someone you know who will use it.  There is no point in keeping or holding on to something that is not really leading purpose.
Example: I used to scrapbook.  I had a whole box filled with materials and tools.  It sat in one place for 7 years untouched.  It was not going to get any use at all from me no matter how much I’d ponder, “Oh I have this whole blank scrapbook that I didn’t fill or create in yet.”  I gave everything to someone I knew who would use it.

4.  No Excuses
Think of the scene from The Jerk where Navin keeps grabbing things he thinks he needs when he doesn’t need them at all.  People put these ideas in their own heads or even from messages others give out of what they need or don’t need.  You are the one who ultimately decides what you need.  Personally, If I am not using something regularly, there is no need for me to have it.  Try to not make any excuses why you want to hold on to something.  I made a post about how to let go of sentimental items.  How often do you use the item? What purpose does it really have?  Is it necessary to keep it?

5. Think of the final outcome
Your home is going to be so much better looking with having less items sitting around and it will be much easier to clean your home too.  Just make sure you don’t feel the need to buy more to fill all the space you now have once you let go of things.
Example: Other than my sons’ beds (which is a trundle so one of them gets hidden anyway), this is what their bedroom looks like (but we are about to repaint it.  Micah wanted to be in the pic).

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