My children have all that they need provided for them.  Throughout the year we will buy them fun activity projects.  As a minimalist family, we don’t allow them to have an over abundance, but they certainly play with all that they do have.  That is what is important.  Nothing is wasted or neglected.

Rob and I were discussing what to do in terms of presents for Hanukkah (Yeshua-based).  In the past few years we have bought one present for the boys to share and maybe one other present for them each .  This method has been satisfactory.  Perhaps since they don’t really have classmates to compare gifts with and aren’t exposed to the commercial industry, it also keeps them content with what they have.

We decided the best thing was to find something to do as a family together.  I started to look around at what was available during this time of year to enjoy.  I came across the Pax Amicus castle where musical plays are performed.  I had gone there on a field trip at one point in time to see Romeo and Juliet that I enjoyed.  I brought it up to Rob and he thought it sounded like a good idea too, especially because our family has been watching a lot of musicals lately in general, which the boys enjoy.

We decided it was best to ask our sons directly what they thought about the idea.  The play to be performed was Peter Pan.  Rob and I grew up loving Mary Martin’s version of Peter Pan!  We weren’t sure if it would be like that play or not (it had similarities but not the same songs), but the boys were excited about it and couldn’t wait.

For the four of us, the play cost a little less than $100 total.  The play was two hours long.  The boys really loved it a lot!  Peter Pan and Captain Hook were the best in it and at times made us laugh!  Leto was so impressed with it that he said he hopes to be in a Peter Pan play too one day.
We went to a Cracker Barrel restaurant afterwards together, which was fun and tasty!  Leto was getting over a bad cough that week (to explain his face in his arm there).  I’d say this was all a great present of a day for them!

As a closing, I want to implore you to not worry so much about the holidays and to be more relaxed.  I love that we are stress-free when it comes to how we celebrate now compared to five years ago or more.  I have no tears like I did then.  I am not going into debt either.  It is really fun and enjoyable.

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