1. became a vegetarian three weeks ago (though I have already gone over a year without beef and seven years without pork).  I pray I can continue this path successfully!  It is something I never thought I’d be able to do ever.  I never saw myself becoming one simply because of my anemia issues, but I am really enjoying the change in my diet.  I thought it would be hard on me, but it really isn’t.  My goal therefore is to just make it through the best I can with this change.
  2. I want to travel south of NJ.  I’ve never been south of my state ever, though I have been north of it many times.  I’d like to camp or spend a weekend in a cabin or tent somewhere below my state line and do a little sight seeing!  If anyone knows of something neat in DE, MD, or VA, let me know.
  3. I am getting a new camera (soon) after being without one for a year (been using my phone).  I will most likely post photos on social media and my blog of adventures I plan on taking with my family.  I miss photography big time.

    I’m hoping to bike ride, walk, run sprints, swim, and do perhaps a barre class I found out about.  I really miss being active.  Because I gained 20 pounds in 2016 (pretty sure I have lost 5, but I have no scale at home) and became inactive (13-30 min workouts in my living room still makes me feel lazy), I feel unlike myself and uncomfortable.  It is time to get out there more and get my boys to join me (other than the barre class).

  4. Be on social media and the internet much less than ever.  I want to be more mysterious and do more outside of the internet world.  I haven’t quite figured out what this will entail, but I am configuring it.  I feel weird lately over how much people know about me without actually talking with me one on one.

    I find that I text friends a lot more when I am not online so much to see how they are doing or just to say hi.  We get into such interesting, sometimes sad, and hilarious conversations.  It really adds to my day to have more personal relationships.  I used to want so much attention drawn on myself in hopes to gaining friends and love.  I am satisfied with what I have now though and am becoming more private.

  5. Read more of my Bible and books (I only read half of the books this year that I read last year).  I slacked in reading completely.I used to read my Bible every single day for about a decade until this year.  I was testing to see how much it affected my life.  It made a difference, but in negative and positive ways!

    This year I suffered more because my day honestly was not started in the Word most of the days of this year.  However, I also find that I was much more humble in not reading it and with how I talked to God.  I was such a snot of arrogance when I would read it every day.  I judged people harshly and thought they had to be a certain way instead of just trying to be at peace and love them despite how they thought or lived.  I had a couple instances of fall-back on attitude.

    In NOT reading the Bible every single day, I honestly feel like I was able to understand others better with leniency and to just work on myself alone (and found out more about myself than ever before).  Doing so, I feel I grew a lot.  The focus went off of how to fix other people and more on how to fix myself.

    Also I only read portions of the New Testament this year (with what I did read).  I focused on Jesus’ messages most, read Acts again (my favorite), Hebrews, and a few letters of Paul (which I read with a perspective of if I were to get an encouraging letter from a friend the way it was meant to be instead of a demand of how to be. . I think I disagreed and argued with Paul a lot this year in my head while nodding and accepting whatever Jesus told me – I used to agree with everything that Paul would say in the past, but just as I have the Holy Spirit in me and make mistakes, take back things I say, and hurt people. . .so did Paul, which made me appreciate him many times too – he was a work in progress as I am).

    The beginning half of my year was the worst for me but improved as it went on (my husband can attest to this).  I started to accept my past much more easily, love more, and admit my failures more easily.  I let go of the things that had let me go that I didn’t need to hold onto.

    I definitely want to read it more in 2017 than I did in 2016.  I’d say three or four times a week compared to once or twice a week like I did this year.  I don’t believe I should ever stop reading it though at all.  It teaches me valuable lessons even if I have read it a multiple times over the course of my life.  In 2018 I do plan on getting back to reading it daily unless I see myself having pride issues again during my doing so.  Baby steps!

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  1. Great goals! Have you found any good vegetarian websites you’re following? One of my favorite cookbooks, surprisingly (since I am not vegan) is Rich Roll’s “The Plantpower Way.” Of course, could just be because of the gorgeous photography and inspiring essays inside. 😉

    Hope you figure out a way to deal with social media and the internet. I feel you on those, and I’m not sure what the solution is….but I crave privacy as well (and then I post to IG and blog.)

    • My former vegan friend who I think is still a vegetarian at least gave me a couple resources that she enjoyed, but it was really only two links to encourage and help without any recipes. I would love to learn more from cookbooks though!!! Thanks for the reference!

      The problem with social media and I is that I’ve been blogging since 1999 on various platforms and once had over a thousand followers when I was a fashion blogger too…and had a few thousand when I was bigger with the former photography I used to take in my myspace days. I’ve always been extremely open and it has caused problems int he past. I have actually deleted old posts on this blog and finally deleted my former blog because it is as if some people just know too much and not the person I am NOW, you know?? Ugh. Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting! I love connecting with people, I just feel odd that many don’t comment their thoughts after I share my own.

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