Pinocchio; 2014 (w/  Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Yoo Bi, Byun Hee Bong, Jin Kyung, Jung In Ki, Lee Pil Mo, Kim Kwang Kyu, Min Sung Wook) – 4 stars – It is official that I love any show that Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk are in (this post alone I show this show and another show for each of them later on).  I have now seen a few with each of them and they never disappoint me!  Together they are really cute too.  This is one of those shows where it is a “who done it” sort of thing.  A little boy has a great family but his firefighting father goes to help save a fire and is never to be seen again.  A reporter puts the blame on his father.  That little boy ends up growing up under the roof of an old man who believes him to be his own dead son.  This makes the little boy now the “uncle” of a girl his own age.  The two of them grow up, but the girl happens to have a “Pinocchio” problem where she cannot lie or she hiccups.  She wants to be a reporter but they are not accepted since many reporters twist the truth.  This leads to an interesting story.  I really don’t think her Pinocchio is the main part of this story but it definitely is good.
content: drinking/drunkenness, swearing, kissing, murder, deceit

Cinderella and Four Knights; 2016 (w/ Jung Il Woo, Park So Dam, Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, Choi Min Sung, Son Na Eun, Kim Yong Gun) – 3.25 stars – Although this is similar to the Cinderella story by only a slight, it also should be named Cinderella and the Three Knights since the fourth doesn’t really ever have much to do with the lead lady as often as the other three too.  The lead character is named Eun Ha-won.  Her mother is dead and her father works really hard, leaving her with her step-mother and step-sister.  They don’t treat her too well simply because they believe her to be an illegitimate child that the father is stuck with.  She is cast off to being homeless even though she works a bunch of jobs to earn money for college.  She gets involved in a situation that causes her to get a job at a house where three cousins live and don’t get along with each other.  She needs to make them get along.  Their grandfather will be leaving one of them as an heir to his company.  Each of the grandsons have their own story.  My only problem with this show is that they start the lead character to being this strong independent girl who can fight people off due to her mom training her in Taekwondo when she was a child into this girl who when bullied at one point by a group of girls cowers.  It didn’t make sense considering earlier she could fight off a few guys.  The other annoying part is the lack of communication and misunderstandings between two of the supporting characters who have a long drawn out relationship that is rocky.  It drove me batty.  The lead two characters romance is really sweet once it does happen though.  I am a fan of Jung Il Woo’s acting and this was the fourth show I’ve seen him in.  He was in my favorite drama to this day as a supporting actor (Moon Embracing  the Sun/The Moon That Embraces the Sun) which was also the first I saw.  Oh, another cool part about this show is that they showed girls in bathing suits that were pretty much full covering (like sleeves even). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a very modest bathing suit in anything on the screen before!
content: deceit, kissing, talk about a death, fighting, swearing, drunkenness

Doctor Crush/Doctors; 2016 (w/ Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Yoon Kyoon Sang, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Ji Soo, Moon Ji) – 3.5 stars – A young rebellious teen doesn’t really have much care at all other than for getting into trouble.  She ends up moving in with her grandmother after her father pushes her aside.  A man who rents at her grandmother’s home is one of her teachers.  Although he bothers her at times, she is extremely inspired by his kindness and his doctoring skills that he also has pushed aside a bit.  The two of them grow a friendship that people take in a different way.  There is a girl who grows extremely jealous and causes some drama.  13 years pass and now they are all doctors in the same facility but the drama continues and the bond between the former teacher and his former student grows stronger.  This is very cute and realistic to life, I believe (where the drama isn’t over the top just for a crazy story).  The romance is so adorable to me.
content: kissing, death and talk of assault, threats, deceit, fighting, swearing

Doctor Stranger; 2014 (w/ Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae-jin, Jin Se-yeon, Kang So-ra) – 3.5 stars – My goodness the first few episodes of this especially seriously had my heart pumping.  It was intense.  A little boy named Park Hoon wants to spend more time with his busy doctor father.  Turns out he had to do a heart surgery on the ruler of N. Korea or else there’d be a war.  He and his father are sent to N. Korea and are tricked, becoming permanent citizens.  His father trains him to be a doctor there.  Park Hoon had a childhood love there and he wants to be with her forever, even proposing to her.  When her father becomes a defected citizen she is threatened as is he for being associated with their family.  This causes him to go on a serach for his girlfriend which always leaves him on a crazy cat and mouse chase.  He receives a way back to S. Korea where he works up a load of money to help people just so he can get his girlfriend out of N. Korea.  This leads him to a hospital where he ends up working and lots of drama and stories that piece together puzzles about his father’s situation.  It got boring halfway through, honestly.
content: drunkenness, some immodesty, swearing, violence (people hitting, punching, kicking), blood shown, people die

Hyde, Jekyll, and I; 2015 (w/ Hyun Bin, Han Ji Man, Sung Joon, Lee Hye Ri, Lee Duk Hwa, Lee Seung Joon) – 3.25 stars – I loved Hyun Bin in Secret Garden and it has been several years since I watched anything with him in it.  He plays a man with multiple personality disorder due to a traumatic experience he had when he was young.  He tries to keep one of his peronalities under wraps.  This personality is basically a kind, funny, talented, and heroic personality. . .the type that you’d think would be good to have.  His normal daily personality is one that is not so nice.  He is selfish and doesn’t want to help anyone but his own skin.  This makes the story quite interesting.  When he encounters a woman that he ultimately needs to be around, his personalities seem to battle over her.  Her acting honestly was boring to me and I didn’t really enjoy her character at all or I’d rate this higher.  Also after episode 16 it seems to slow down and seems more like filler episodes to make it get up to 20.  The last episode was nice.
content: drunkenness, language, kissing, people of the opposite sex are living together but there is never any talk about sexuality or perversity between them, people are tormented by one of the characters as well as kidnapped, talk about suicide

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  1. I have never gotten into these, but I really love how well put together this post is! I also really love your new header image! I just got my laptop back, so hopefully I can be a little better about keeping up with your posts 🙂


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