little-houses-in-the-big-woods-2thumbI really love trees, woods, mountains, and little houses.  I really love the Little House on the Prairie books, so the name of this quilt goes in line with the first book from the series.

I have had the pattern for this since I started quilting, another from this book.  Since the trees are paper pieced, I got to have a lot of freedom in making each of them.  Each tree took me 45-60 minutes to make!  I started to make this quilt at the end of November and finished it last week.  It took me a long tie, but was so much fun.  I don’t know what the directions in this book are sometimes off, so many times I have to just do things by trial and error.  It is a full sized quilt and was mainly made from left over scraps of fabric I had.

I have this quilt up on ebay right now (on auction, with a buy it now option).
I am nervous it won’t sell considering how beautiful it is.

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  1. Victoria! This is the most charming quilt ever! I really hope someone buys it. I’ve actually been prowling eBay for a few months now in search of an organic quilt. Unfortunately I just missed out on one that was at auction. Oh, well! Best of luck to you!

  2. This is a beautiful quilt! I read the Little House in the Big Woods and the rest of them as a kid, though I hardly remember them now. You did an amazing job!


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