I believe every January through March I take the longest in between quilts.  This has happened now for the third time in between those months, the only difference is I did finish a quilt  this January!  I started this quilt in February.

Because I had painted my sons’ bedroom walls, I figured I needed to make them quilts to match the walls.  Half of the walls are Orange for Leto and the other half is blue for Micah.  Because I made Leto’s quilt first last time when I was still a beginner at quilting, I figured I should make Micah’s first this time.

I had a lot of left over fabric from other projects but also needed to buy a few extra fabrics so this could be large enough from JAQS Fabric.  Log cabin quilts have always looked so pretty to me, but I didn’t realize how much time went into it!  This looks so cool on the snow to me!  I’m ready for it to melt now.

Cute story about this quilt.  Micah had no idea it was for him at all the entire time I was making it.  I’d ask him, “What do you think of this?”  Other times I’d have him pick out the fabric pieces that he thought were pretty.  Rob and I put it on his bed and told him to come into the room.  He was in shock with confusion and said, “What?”  His smile was so big and he was so happy to find out it was for him. logcabinquilt1thumblogcabinquilt2thumblogcabinquilt3thumblogcabinquilt4thumblogcabinquilt5thumblogcabinquilt6thumblogcabinquilt8thumblogcabinquilt9thumb


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  1. […] colors, I also planned on making them each quilts to go with their walls!  I already shared Micah’s blue quilt.  Here’s Leto’s orange quilt!  What I love about this quilt is that you can see […]


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