There are a few independently owned Fair Trade/Ethical cafes within 10-45 minutes from us, which we are extremely thankful for.  It is great that Rob gets to drink his favorite Fair Trade coffees while Micah and I get our Fair Trade hot chocolate to savor.  Leto loves strawberry yogurt smoothies.  At times the boys simply drink chocolate milk.

We take a long drive to and from church every week.  Sometimes it is nice to get something to drink on the drive.  Other times we like going for little walks or sitting down for bit.  A couple Saturdays per month we go out to a cafe for a light breakfast to go with our drinks.

It is really cute when one of our boys will bring up their longing for going out to these cafes to pick up drinks or to sit down and hang out together in a different environment away from home.  They don’t have to look at the menus any longer and have adjusted to ordering on their own.  We will relax, talk about things, listen to music playing, and enjoy the art on display.   The workers in each of these places tend to recognize us as regulars now.

What we really enjoy about these places we purchase drinks from is that we are helping support businesses who care about the people who grow the cocoa beans and coffee beans in their drinks.  They are concerned about the treatment of others.  The usual places that people will buy coffee from include slave and child labor with mistreatment and little to no pay given to their farmers.

Here are the places we go to that are pictured below:
The Fine Grind
Boxwood Coffee
Smartworld Coffee
Boonton Coffee


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