I was asked to watch and review each episode of the Korean Drama My Secret Romance, in which DramaFever has co-produced.  My Secret Romance just released last week.  I figured I’d give a synopsis and give my thoughts on each episode briefly.  I will state that I am liking it more with each episode.  I will write my reviews after watching three episodes so it isn’t too much of an overload of posts on my blog.  There will be 13 episodes released (so expect 4 posts – the last one will have 4 episodes included).

for parents: There is drunkenness, kissing, implied sex (nothing shown), and swearing in this show.

Episode 1: The One Night Relationship
The lead male character named Cha Jin Wook (played by Sung Hoon) is your typical rich boy who has a father who is tired of the tirade his son has been playing.  He has to prove himself to his dad by working as a hotel worker (a bell hop, specifically), but he really doesn’t care about doing so.  He seems really selfish, but there are a couple scenes that show his soft side too.

The lead female character is Lee Yoo Mi (played by Song Ji Eun).  Her mom is famous for being in an erotic film and she is really embarrassed about it, especially on her mom’s wedding day at a resort.  Her mom tries to pretty her daughter up, but she is plain and doesn’t really go out of her way to seek adventure or care for her looks, even though she is very beautiful herself.

Both of these two leads meet each other through a lot of mishaps along the way and eventually have some sort of physical and emotional connection.  My problem with this episode is that it was generic for a lot of shows I have seen and I had a hard time connecting with the lead male character.  The background of the female character is much easier to connect to.  I was sadly a little bored by this episode and thought it was a bit cheesy at times. 

There is implied sex in the show but really there is a make-out scene shown only.  This episode has a lot of great kissing that many Korean dramas don’t reveal until the show progresses.  Here was have it as a big BAM! Done!  I don’t think I would have continued to watch this show if not for the fact that I promised to be an honest reviewer of each episode.  However, I end up liking the second episode more so…..

Episode 2: You’ve Deeply Insulted Me
There is review of the end of the last episode at the beginning of this episode.  Although I love kissing and all, I just wanted to see what was going to happen next.  I got the full idea last episode.  Then it gets to the point – 3 years pass!

Cha Jin Wook now owns his own business or at least is in charge of a male underwear section of the company.  Lee Yoo Mi is now a nutritionist who will be working for the company in which the underwear is known from.  You know what this means?  The two are going to see each other.

Lee Yoo Mi is selected to make meals for the director who is Cha Jin Wook, due to him not really eating enough and getting worn out.  He knows who his nutritionist is and has been hurt by losing touch with her three years earlier.  He is smiting her.  I chuckled a few times and actually thought this episode was well done.  She doesn’t know who the director is at all.

At the end of the episode, I wanted to see the next one!  Definitely a change from how I reacted to the first episode!  I think it is because the cheese-factor went away and it had a better plot.

Episode 3:  My Insides Flip Like Pancakes
This episode is funny and sweet.  Cha Jin Wook obviously has not been able to get over Lee Yoo Mi and you can tell the feeling is mutual.  However, she is a bit embarrassed by what went on three years ago that she tries to pretend like it didn’t happen.  Jin Wook and Yoo Mi have a lot of attachment to the night they shared together that they both are still trying to figure it out.  I really like seeing that!

There is another character that was introduced in episode two.  His name is Jung Hyun Tae (played by Kim Jae Young).  He owns a restaurant that Yoo Mi lives on top of and has written a book (shown for a couple seconds in the first episode).  The two of them are long-time friends.  They seem pretty close and both know how to cook, so it has caused them to relate to one another well.

I really do like this episode, especially since it made me like Cha Jin Wook more now.  I feel like I can see more of his feelings in this.  He has some interesting layers to him!

In this episode, Lee Yoo Mi’s mom shows up again. . . and something is mentioned by Jin Wook that shows up at the very end of this episode (after the credit song).  I look forward to seeing what episode four will be like!

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