Simply Us(1)I’ve been listening to podcasts for a full year now.  I was thinking about how much my husband Rob and I talk to each other in general.  I said to him, “What would you think about possibly starting a podcast with me?”  He said it sounded like something we could easily do.  That week we talked out our first episode and then by the weekend we had it done.

We now have two episodes up
We are into simply living and minimalism, and thought we could talk about that in each episode, but also to include other things considering we’ve known one another for seventeen years.  In a way it is as if some people get to just join us in one of our usual discussions together.

You can listen to our episodes on our podcast’s website, or on itunes, or google play.


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About Victoria / Justice Pirate

Victoria. Anabaptist, Wife of Rob, Mom of two boys, minimalist, quilt maker, Resources Adviser/Social Media Manager for anti-human trafficking awareness organization Justice Network (