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The Secret in the Jewelry Box
Cha Jin Wook keeps something special inside of a jewelry box in his office at home.  He thinks about it a lot, which when you find out what exactly is in there, it is pretty weird and humorous.  I already assumed what was inside from paying attention to details as I watch the show.

Lee Yoo Mi has to bring some food over to Jin Wook’s home on his way back from a business trip (how she had access to get inside is still a mystery to me).  She brings her little brother with her and he makes a bit of a mess inside of the office.  The jewelry box in question becomes something that Yoo Mi feels guilt about.

This episode was not the best, but it was pretty funny to see people having misunderstandings about things.  What is really cute is that the two have been spending a lot of time thinking about one another and being around each other.

Playing with My Heart
Jung Hyun Tae is Lee Yoo Mi’s best friend and obviously has feelings for her.  He shows up at the end of the previous episode to try to get her away from Cha Jin Wook who was yelling at her.  His appearance is making Jin Wook so jealous! You kinda feel badly for Hyun Tae, because he is really good to Yoo Mi.  If only she’d look at him as more than a friend.  Both guys would be fine choices at this point, so it is hard to decipher who to cheer for more!

In one part of this film, there is more insight of what Yoo Mi endured in school because her mom was an erotic actress.  Don’t worry, they show nothing sexual (though the imagery is a little sensual), but they show a man grab a portion of a slip off her shoulder for a second.

Cha Jin Wook’s own childhood friend, Joo Hye Ri, is a bit obsessed with wanting to become his wife even though he has no interest in her in that way.  She is always out to make problems for Yoo Mi!

After the credits for this one you get some more history of the jewelry box.  Very funny.

mysecretromanceep6.jpgLet’s Go to Work
Ah! The flirting in this episode!  It is cute. I like it.  This starts out in the right place.  We see misunderstandings getting explained without giving away secrets of their actual feelings.  Lee Yoo Mi and Cha Jin Wook start to spend more time with one another outside of work.

Jung Hyun Tae and Joo Hye Ri now have paths crossing.  I wonder if they will find love with one another one day after both having their unrequited love with their childhood friends.

I don’t really have much to say about this episode.  I liked how it was one of those things-are-going-in-a-good-direction episodes.  I wonder what drama will hit coming up, but this one seemed calm and cute.  It was definitely one of the best episodes in the series (if not the best).


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