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Brightness and Goodness: The Orange Quilt

When I planned on painting the boys’ bedroom two colors (I’ll be posting their bedroom later this week); two walls for each of their favorite colors, I also planned on making them each quilts to go with their walls!  I already shared Micah’s blue quilt.  Here’s Leto’s orange quilt!  What I love about this quilt is that you can see various shapes and stars depending on how you look at the quilt.  Leto picked out some of the fabric for this, otherwise I used some left over fabric and some from JAQS Fabrics.  I used the pattern from this book, but made it a little smaller and differently and with different colors.

This took me about a week and a half to work on.  It was fun and is beautiful in the end.  What matters is that Leto loves it.


3 thoughts on “Brightness and Goodness: The Orange Quilt

  1. I may have a project for you. Making a quilt with show ribbons. I’m trying to find a photo that shows what I’m looking for.
    Uncle Stephen

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