We live in a small home but the boys have the largest room of our house apartment.  The last time we painted their bedroom, the boys were about two and four years old.  We never did one of those nursery set-ups, and honestly, we are glad about that (even if they are cute to see expectant parents do).

Now that the boys are old enough, have their own interests, and have established their favorite colors, we thought it would be good for them to choose their own wall colors.  Two walls for Leto, two walls for Micah.  Leto loves orange and Micah loves blue.

When you enter their bedroom you will notice only one bed.  They have a trundle bed.  We had asked them who wanted the one lower to the floor and they each chose without arguing, which made it easy on us.  We’ve had these beds for about two years now.

You will see they don’t really have a lot of toys (yet they can occupy themselves for hours with what they have).  Also, there is no dresser out in the open. It is in their closet (and is a three drawer storage bin they share).  They used to have dressers, but either they were too flimsy and broke, or they had too many drawers that were not being used.

Leto painted the orange shelf that is on the wall, all by himself.  I put it on some newspapers and gave him the paint and left him to it.  He did a great job and was very particular about getting it right.

I made the curtains, of course!  I did it the same way that I made our bathroom curtain.

As for the wall art, I painted the frog and they had liked it when I was getting rid of my paintings, so I let them have it, since they asked.  The Star Wars print is from Print and Proud, the Tron art is from Inked and Screened, and the scripture verse art is from The Meek Boutique.

I did have some difficulties painting their room because corners are hard to do when you are using two different colors!  It worked out and looks great.  The boys really love how it came out.

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  1. It turned out so well, Victoria! How do the boys like using the daybed/trundle combo? We’re thinking about doing a bunkbed/trundle combo as the little guys gets older and joins his big sisters’ room.

    The colors are so great, by the way. I actually had walls that orange color in high school and had collaged movie posters all over one of the other walls. I’m sure my mom loved it, haha.

    • They’ve been using the trundle for nearly two years and haven’t complained about it.
      That is so interesting that you had the orange color for your own walls!! I think that is cute that you put movie posters all over one of the walls. It is good for kids to enjoy decorating according to how they like to.

  2. Hey Victoria! glad to have gotten back in touch with you, and glad to see this lovely boys’ room 🙂 you know I love a bit of colour, no monochrome/minimalist kids’ room for me 😀

    • Thanks so much for commenting! It was nice to see that you did so again!
      I actually really love all white rooms, but I love when there are colorful portions within those stark white rooms. . . pillows, curtains, and such. My home is really colorful and we are on our way to having all white walls other than their bedroom. I have two rooms left to paint (one which is a forest green currently and the other that is a deep red).


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