We have not been a part of a homeschooling Co-op group for that long, but we are really thankful for the one that we are a part of.

Our group went on a field trip to a working farm called Abma’s Farm.  Our tour guide showed us the cage-free chicken house, seedlings for planting vegetables and flowers, and the different forms of greenhouses that they use.

Everything was quite interesting and I learned a lot considering it was supposed to be for the kids.

Towards the end of the field trip, everyone got to learn how to plant flowers into a flower pot to later be transferred to larger amounts of soil if we wanted to (which we did).

There was also a small petting zoo area that the boys adored.  They got to see rabbits, baby chicks in an incubator area (closed off other than being visible through a window), cows, ponies, donkeys, sheep, and goats.  I love goats so I had fun petting them all.  We were not allowed to pet the ponies or donkey, but we were able to look at them!

We also were able to go to their market area filled with baked goods, fruits, and vegetables.  We’ve bought their honey before and definitely had to get some more (they have their own bees on the farm too, but we did not go to see them).  I did not get that much because I had already gone food shopping the day before (but I got what I needed that I was low on).


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  1. We love abmas! Awesome pics. What co-op do you go to?


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