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This is How Business is Done

In this episode, Yoo Mi is asked to go on a business trip with her boss in order to be a nutritionist for a hopeful business partner who has diabetes.

Hye Ri is still jealous and goes to meet Hyun Tae who tries his best to let Yoo Mi know his feelings, but she still doesn’t get it.  Hye Ri sees that Yoo Mi knows Hyun Tae and suspects things.

There is a really cute and funny scene in this episode where Jin Wook decides to invite Yoo Mi over for dinner at his house.  When things spark up between them, someone rings the doorbell and Yoo Mi goes into hiding.  Ah, the drama! I would love to tell you more about this whole scene but I cannot, as it would give too much away.

The end of this episode brings us back to a few familiar instances from episode one, but done much better.  As I type this up, I have been waiting for the next episode’s release.  This was just so cute that I need to know more!  Show me more, DramaFever!!

You’re My Paderella
Goodness this episode made me swoon and smile!  I like when people talk things out and let out how things make them feel.  Jin Wook and Yoo Mi finally discuss if they regret the night they spent together three years earlier or not and what that means to them or what they thought about the other during that time.  It was a really sweet scene (with some humor in it beforehand).

There is a lot of drunken behavior in this episode.  I am not fond of drunkenness, personally.  Almost every single drama I have seen has drunkenness in it, which it seems is what South Korean culture is like?  I suppose USA culture is similar in that way.

There is speculation about Dong Goo, Yoo Mi’s little brother.  The drama around this poor kid gets worse in this episode.  Who knows what story is going to happen from that now.  I am really curious after seeing the preview for the next episode.

The epilogue scenes make me swoon even more than I had earlier on. Aw.

Tell Me the Truth
Dong Goo is Yoo Mi’s baby brother.  You can tell because her mother dotes on him and she doesn’t, though you know she loves him as a big sister would love her brother.  She helps watch him and such.

Jin Wook starts to wonder though if he is her son, and therefore his son.  She does not like that he keeps wanting her brother to go on their dates, which is another sign that Dong Goo is not her son.   She’s just embarrassed that her mom flaunts herself and had another child late in life.  It saddens me that she is embarrassed by that.

There was more in this episode involving Hyun Tae and Hye Ri.  I can sort of feel badly for the two of them in a way, but I like how Hyun Tae reacts to overhearing something between Jin Wook and Yoo Mi.  I find him respectful and a great friend even if he does have feelings for his best friend who can’t see him as more.

This was an adorable episode and I love how the relationship is developing between the main characters.  I feel like it is honest though tough for them to be where they are from what they once were, but really special too.

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