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Handmade Napkins

We have never really been a napkin using family, honestly.  If we had messes in the past, we’d grab a paper towel and use that as a napkin.  We’d fold the paper towels to use as napkins.

A few months ago, we stopped using paper towels and have been using Norwex towels to clean up messes and an actual hand towel to dry our hands.  It saves on money and means less visible clutter and waste.

Rob likes using napkins since he has a beard and sometimes the boys make some messes on their faces while eating.  I tend to wipe my fingers a lot while I eat.  I figured it was time to buy napkins.

In watching this episode of Sew the Land, I realized, “Duh! I can make my own napkins too!”

I cut up some left over yellow fabric that I had (our dining area is yellowish due to the curtain I made . . .which I’ll post in the future).  I sewed two pieces together, right sides facing each other, and did not sew the fourth portion.  I then reversed them and sewed over all of the napkins after tucking in the last un-sewn side in a bit before sewing (I don’t own a surger).  It was simple and fast.  I made 12 for now.  I had a lot of the one fabric available to explain why there are mainly the bright yellow ones with white flowers.




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