I remember telling my mom when I was engaged that as long as I had Rob to be with, I didn’t mind living in a cardboard box with him.

When we got married, we lived in my parents’ basement with a bedroom, couch, and TV outside of the room attached to my parents’ laundry room.  For the two of us, that was enough, but I hated not being able to have a kitchen of my own.

We moved into a one-bedroom apartment that was really great other than the ground workers believing it was okay for them to enter our apartment whenever they needed a bathroom break.  It had a spacious kitchen with more than enough storage, 3 closets, a large enough bedroom for us, our firstborn and our dog to sleep in, and an open area where our dining room, living room, and computer desk could fit.

Nine years ago, we moved into our two-bedroom duplex when I was newly pregnant with our second child.  It measures 747 sq. feet.  It is too large in some areas and too small in others, but we rent it and would not want to change a place’s room size unless we owned it (though we do have permission to take down walls and make new ones if we really wanted to, according to our landlord).

When you live in a small home, it is far easier to clean than a larger home.  I can sweep, vacuum, and dust my whole home in 15-20 minutes.  I never clean the entire house all in the same day, but if I did, it would not take much time.  It helps that I don’t have so much clutter everywhere (or anywhere).  I really like the ease of cleaning my home (I’m a neat freak).

We have a really small kitchen, even compared to the apartment we had before, but we have survived using it happily.
I prefer the adventures of being outside myself, but I am a hermit in the winter.  When it comes to being a family of four in this space, we spend a lot of time around one another, and compared to life in a larger home, like I grew up in, I do like that.  We can hear each other across the end of the home, but we also have the ability for privacy too.

When it comes down to it, a smaller home is very cozy, relaxing, stress-free (other than when homeschooling at times), and fun.  When I see families with large homes I wonder how they keep it clean or have time for anything.  I feel like it would take time away from their family.

A few years back, someone had asked me how I had so many hobbies, was able to homeschool, and somehow fit in the cooking and cleaning with it all.  I remember my answer being, “It helps that I have such a small home.”  They had even been in my home, but I suppose didn’t think about that factor.  When going into their house, They had so many rooms including a bedroom for each of their children, a playroom for them, plus an area near their kitchen where they had loads of toys for their kids.  It would drive me batty to have to keep up with it all.

Our home has changed a load over the years with much less to clean than ever!

I know it might sound crazy to some people, but living in a small home is really fun, and that’s the truth.

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  1. […] Justice Pirate– “What Small Home Living is Like” : No matter if I lived in a cardboard box or a small home, I just like being with my family, […]

  2. […] Justice Pirate– “What Small Home Living is Like” : No matter if I lived in a cardboard box or a small home, I just like being with my family, […]

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  4. […] Justice Pirate– “What Small Home Living is Like” : No matter if I lived in a cardboard box or a small home, I just like being with my family, […]

  5. I agree with you that having a small home makes it easier to leave it regularly, to keep it clean, and just to enjoy it more! Sure, there are days where I wish I had a bigger house, but I am grateful for what living small does for our family. Thanks for writing this post, Victoria!

  6. Living in a small house myself, I couldn’t imagine having to keep a large house clean with all the little kids we have. I loved all of your insights! It’s great to find others who are living similarly.

  7. […] Justice Pirate– “What Small Home Living is Like” : No matter if I lived in a cardboard box or a small home, I just like being with my family, […]

  8. Yes! The more we simplify our house the more calm I feel in it – outer order, inner calm definitely applies to me.

  9. Love your thoughts! I agree that it’s nice having such a small space to maintain it’s not taking up too much time and leaves room for other things! Xo

  10. Couldn’t agree more with everything you say! For me, having our place neat and tidy makes a huge difference…if there are even 4 or 5 things lying around it feels like every surface is cluttered. Now that we’ve added a baby into the mix, that’s even more true.


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