To Watch this Korean Drama for free, Go to DramaFever!  Premium episodes usually become free, though I am unsure if that is the case for the last two episodes (I pay $11 for the whole year since I watch shows regularly).

A Tender Farewell
Ready for the most depressing episode yet? Here it is.  Things are finally revealed about Dong Goo and who his true mother is.

Hye Ri is down in the dumps, and because of her, tabloids spread and this slip about a one-night stand with someone in Daebok group.  Hyun Tae maintains his cool throughout it and seems to be doing his best to move on and encourages Hye Ri to as well with some beautiful advice.

The sad portion through this whole debacle is our main characters having a time of silence from one another.  They suffer alone and go back to not communicating well enough as if we are back to the beginning.

I think the longest portion of this episode that wasn’t really necessary is when Yoo Mi is looking around her workplace thinking of the memories she has made there with her co-workers or reflecting on when she first arrived there.  She is now thinking about being transferred out, but I just felt this sequence could have been shorter.

Cha Jin Wook gets so upset in one scene that he hits his steering wheel a lot and I said, “Woah there!” while watching it.  It was definitely a raw scene.

The little mind monologues at the end in the epilogue of this episode are just as depressing as the rest of this whole episode.  Please get better fast! I can’t take this sadness!

I’m the Only One Who Can’t Date
Yoo Mi’s co-workers give her a farewell party and she sings really pretty at the karaoke bar.  During her song there are more flashbacks, which as stated, I don’t really care to see since I saw them all already, no matter how cute they are.

Hyun Tae visits Yoo Mi at her new job and they have a conversation that goes pretty well considering it is sad.  There is some hostility though going on in him.  It comes out at the end of the episode.

Yoo Mi’s mom goes on TV and makes a scene to embarrass her daughter further.  This is so bothersome that she would do so for her own self publicity.

We do get a flashback that we haven’t seen before in this episode from Hye Ri’s school days.  Then she gets drunk again.

Cha Jin Wook’s secretary Jang Woo-jin has some great wisdom to share with his boss to try to motivate him.  He is his own person through and through and I love his character throughout this show.  I am sorry I haven’t mentioned that until now!

Another depressing episode.  Please get better. PLEASE!

It’s Time to Wake Up From This Dream
Yoo Mi confronts her mother, but I don’t think she did it in the best way.  There were parts of what she said that were really good for her mom to hear, but I wish she told her much sooner, instead of in her late 20s or early 30s or however old she is supposed to be.  The good part is that she voiced it.  Her mother is obviously hurt and shocked.

Yoo Mi runs off and goes to the beach where everything seemed to have gone wrong. Jin Wook goes looking for her.  A kind woman helps Yoo Mi and they have a nice talk about abalone porridge, in which you can only assume that she is talking to the mother of the man she is in love with.

I feel like this was a slight time waster episode with more flashbacks included again.  The way that Jin Wook treats Yoo Mi is really sweet.  He definitely has improved since the first episodes.

You’re My World, Tonight
This ends the show for us!  How sad to watch a last episode, yet exciting too.

If a man says he’ll never let you go and you tell him to end their dream even though you love him, you aren’t listening very well.  Also, if your man’s car’s lights are on and he is asleep in the car, turn the lights off for him so his battery won’t die while he is sleeping.

There is a sad but happy scene shortly after, and I will say that Jin Wook’s crying with his constant wiping of his nose and tears is so much like how I’d imagine for a real event like this to happen.

There is a lot of kissing in this episode.  I like kissing. Cute kissing scenes throughout.  Korean drama kissing is not raunchy and overly passionate like American TV kissing.

Just like in the first episode, there is a wedding in this episode, but I can’t tell you who got married. You’ll have to find out for yourself.

I’d say that overall, this was a cute show.  I’ll give it 3.25 stars out of 5.  It is interesting to think how I grew to like this.

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