The LEGO Batman Movie; 2017
(animated w/ voices of Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes, Zach Galifianakis)
4.25 stars
This is the best Batman movie ever.  I am serious.  I know that is weird to think about, but I never had this much fun watching a Batman movie before.  It was a little crazy at times but fully entertaining.  There were so many homages to all the Batman films and the TV show too.
This movie is about a lonely Bruce Wayne who prefers to just hang out in his mask.  He is full of himself and has no time for relationships of any sort.  He has some problems with the Joker but doesn’t really seem bothered by him.  Then he comes across an orphan boy who seems to be a fast learner and very curious about everything Batman related. He also seems to be unwanted by the police force and has problems with the new commissioner.
We watched this when it came out in the movie theater (I am that behind in reviews).  Our whole family laughed so hard and had a great time.
content: in typical Batman fashion, there are outfit changes and talks about tights and the underwear that he wears over them.  Also there are fight scenes throughout it and threats of terrorism. There are a few “butt” jokes as well.

Hidden Figures; 2016
(w/ Kevin Costner, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Glen Powell, Mahershala Ali, Rhoda Griffis, Maria Howell, Aldis Hodge)
4 stars
When I saw the trailer for this movie, I cried. I therefore knew I would love this movie.  This shows the basic struggle that black women especially during the early 1960s would have had in the south.  There are three women who are highlighted, one especially.  They are very smart and can do mathematics in their head that would boggle you to even attempt today.  These three women worked for NASA and each overcame their hardships, though not with ease at all.  They dealt with segregation and racism. They struggled to survive in their daily lives.  It was powerful.  I truly would love to learn more about each one of these ladies, as they left great legacies.
My husband had ONE problem with this movie, and that was with one of the first scenes in dealing with a mechanical fix that he says would have busted an old car especially (he owned a couple classic cars and went to mechanic school).  I told him to not ruin the movie for me and to let their little fictional part go so we could enjoy the rest of the movie (which happened).  There was such great acting throughout too!
One thing also to think about in watching this.  While working women were looked down upon back then in general, these women had to overcome two barriers at once. I really give them so much credit.
content: kissing, a few women compliment a man’s looks while checking him out – two who are married, name calling, racism (11 derogatory terms), segregation, language (the long “b” word, “d” word – all together there are 18 mild obscenities)

Star Trek Beyond; 2016
(w/ Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Sofia Boutella, Idris Elba)
3.25 stars
My husband Rob and I were discussing this just now.  It has been a couple of months since we saw it.  We realized that it wasn’t as memorable as the others, but that we still really enjoyed the plot and acting, action scenes, as well as the graphics, other than a few parts that seemed a little bad.
Idris Elba’s character is the villain (can’t remember the villain’s name but Rob LOVES Idris Elba’s acting in everything) wanting to take revenge on the Federation for basically turning their backs on ships like his.  There is a new character introduced who I really liked a lot, played by Sofia Boutella.  She’s a smart cookie, she is, and fierce.  I liked her scenes.
It was sad to watch Anton Yelchin, knowing he died shortly after this movie was made (and we first saw him in Charlie Bartlett back in 2008).   They had a portion dedicated to the memory of Leonard Nemoy as well who had died before the filming of this movie.
content: There is violence throughout (not graphic violence but certainly you know people die and get hurt), language (1 “f” word,  a couple “s” words, some “d” words, small “a” word, long “b” word, and misuses of the word “hell”)

I’m Not Ashamed; 2016
(w/ Masey McLain, Ben Davies)
3.25 stars
I am being generous for the rating for a few reasons.  First off, I did read both Rachel Scott’s story called Rachel’s Tears as well as an insanely awesome book called Columbine back several years ago (which is very thoroughly researched).  I have watched footage over the years and interviews.  Why? I was a freshman in high school when the Columbine School Shooting took place and I think about it every year.  It was the first major media event that I could associate as a tragedy everyone knew about that affected my generation and life.
I don’t remember Rachel Scott being this dramatic, but she’s got a lot of teen girl problems that she struggles with that I have seen many girls have a hard time dealing with as well.
Although there are some problems I do have with this movie, such as one character looking like a punk girl who hangs out with normal looking popular kids which would not have happened considering what their school was like, and that she didn’t even dress the right era of that time, or that another girl has curls made with a wand curler that no one owned back then….anyway, the basic story was really very much something that I think a struggling Christian teen should watch.
I think some of this film was dead-on, such as how much teens smoked back then compared to now (and seriously, it was as bad as this), how the pressure of boys could be a problem for one’s faith, and how popularity could cloud one’s longing to do right.
Rachel Scott loved to draw, and from the actual drawings I have seen over the years, they did a good job representing that, even though I never really saw her art as that great.
I don’t like how they threw in three of the Robertsons in because their acting isn’t that great, but I do like the Jaci Velasquez cameo.
This focuses a bit on a story of a guy who was changed by Rachel’s love and Christlike kindness.  I don’t know why they changed his name for it, but to this day he calls her his love and he has never married and still hangs out and is close to her family.
I honestly wish a movie like this was around when I was a teen girl, granted I never cared an inch about popularity.  I just think it can encourage people. The film barely focused on the tragedy, but definitely did share in its reality.
Some of this story is fictionalized for more drama though, but it got it pretty dead on otherwise.
I think they messed up on her death. Rachel’s actress said the exact thing that she said before her death, as witnessed by the few people who were with her at that time, one who is paralyzed from his injuries.  I don’t think she was killed that closely at range though.  I think she was shot at from far away and then shot again slightly closer.  Also, there were more people outside to watch her get shot, from what I recalled learning, while in this movie, no one seems to be around. I think that was my biggest grievance.  I get it though. The point was made clear.
content: a lot of teen smoking, teen drinking, teens that you know are physically involved with other teens (nothing graphic at all), kissing, punching, the knowledge that someone was violent and caused destruction and death, deceitfulness

Food Choices; 2016
3.25 stars
This documentary was really great, to me.  A guy wants to find the pros and cons to healthy eating, specifically about plant-based diets.  There were many people comparing how even things that have been told to us as being healthy can not always truly be healthy.  They talk about supplements, dairy, protein, and fibers.
Real people talk about their stories as well.  One man mentioned how he had 300 tumors removed and he had such a bad head cancer that you could see it sticking out of his head that was almost as big as his head.  He started to have a plant-based diet when he got cancer. . .and he is free from it now.  Another person talks about how a plant-based diet saved her life when having depression and suicidal attempts in her life.
The research done for this was great and it really taught me a lot.  I am a vegetarian myself, but this makes me really want to strive for a complete plant-based diet one day.
content: Someone says a bad word in this (and I think that is the only word).  There is one part where animals are shown being slaughtered, though it is not the main focus of this film and is shown briefly near the end portion

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