nIf you listen to the Simply Us Podcast Rob and I run; in the second episode we talked about the DNA test my dad took to find out his ethnicity, since he never knew who his father was.  I never actually said all that I am or all of what his results stated because it would take a while, but I thought it would be fun to list what I am from both of my parents’ ancestry through the use of photos of real people who live in those places.

My eldest brother told me that he thinks our ancestry proves how connected we are to people around the world and we really think it is amazing and neat.  I love learning about all the countries that my blood stems to.  I have always been fascinated to learn about cultures elsewhere.

Let’s start with a recent photo of me (start guessing what I am like I used to do constantly).  Some are easy to spot.

I’ll start with posting photos of what my Great-Great-Grandparents up to my most recent ethnic line is.  I am a 5th Generation American on my mom’s side and a 3rd generation American on my dad’s side as it is.

These photos I found on the internet in general and I don’t own them.  Most of them are of Olympians or sports people because I love the Olympics and cheer on every country. Other photos are by Mihaela Noroc, who is really awesome.  My research of these countries have been so much fun and sometimes so saddening.  These people are all my family!!

Mouse over/click each photo to see the ethnicity.  This will look differently if you receive my blog posts in emails.

Now for the more ancient ethnicity line that are generations further out.  It is awesome to see how many places my genes trace to. There are some that we know the actual city/town where my roots trace to. Each picture has a caption to tell you which country/ethnic area they/I are/am from.

Personally, I see the Balkan, Latvian, French, Punjabi Indian, Caucasus, Japanese, Russian, and Icelandic most in me.

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