There are days where I realize I don’t seek God, but seek my own satisfaction in life.  I pride myself on staying productive without reflecting on the things He has given to me.
Then I find Him and give Him the glory.

I will never forget where I came from and how well He has provided for me and given me many desires of my heart.  God is not out to please me, but out for me to please Him, though even so, He pleases me and is pleased with me.  I don’t deserve that on many days, but I feel His love.

Sometimes things I go through are frustrating, trying, and hard.  I don’t know what to do and I get so angry so quickly.  Where is the peace and tranquility I desire so much of?

God does allow us to struggle even if He wishes there was no struggle.  It is through the struggle that I am to seek Him more, but I want to seek Him when things are calm and steady too.  I want to seek Him in the midst of the goodness and that calm I feel during some days.

God is simple, though my brain wants to make Him complex.  I don’t want to ever release my grasp on God.  I see Him everywhere. He is everywhere.

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  1. So Good! God is always there for us, even when we forget about him. I am so thankful for a God whose love endures forever!



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Victoria. Anabaptist, Wife of Rob, Mom of two boys, minimalist, quilt maker, Resources Adviser/Social Media Manager for anti-human trafficking awareness organization Justice Network (justice-network.org).


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