The last time we went to Knoebels Amusement Resort in PA, was 7 years ago.  I actually wrote a blog post here and here about it!  The boys don’t remember it because they were so little (1 and 3).

In the beginning of the year, we were trying to decide what to do with Rob’s vacation days, but at that point we were only thinking about going south of our state and what that might entail.  We have been planning on camping for certain, but realized that since Knoebels is so good for kids, we should go there again, this time for the boys to remember.  It was the best decision! They loved it!

I was itching so badly to sleep in a tent again (speaking of itches; we did not get one mosquito bite by using this bug spray).  Rob was very much in need of a vacation after he worked alone in his department for six whole weeks, six days a week.  He deserved this.  Once we paid off our debts, I started saving for summer activities.

We left on Wednesday night and returned on Friday night.  Those two nights of camping were really wonderful to us.  We have some video footage that Rob is going to put on our YouTube channel soon and our next podcast episode will also be about camping in general with some information on our trip (including things we learned so we can improve for next time).

I was asked just last week if I am homeschooling my sons during the summer.  Although ultimately I said, “no,” the truth is that they are always learning and I am always teaching them.  One small way that they were putting schooling into practice or learning things, was the idea of camping in general and how to put reading a map into actual practice.  They knew where things were simply because they paid attention to those maps (I am really bad at directions).

I am glad that the boys got along better than ever and obeyed more than on a normal day.  They were also more calm.  Sure, they did complain here and there such as saying, “I’m bored,” especially on the first morning, but the following morning they seemed to embrace boredom by just relaxing and look at the nature around them before Leto’s best friend came over to talk and play card games with them (his family was there too, but we only spent a little of our time with them since we were each there to be with our families – also, did not plan on being there at the same time, but it was nice that we were – and yes, we had gone with them seven years ago as a big group).

In a few days I’ll post about the more exciting adventures we had at Knoebels.

The boys really loved sleeping in the tent and liked the foods we had.  I am glad everything went as smoothly as they did!  We certainly created great memories to look back on one day!

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