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2017 Knoebels Camping Trip Pt. 2

Going camping at a place where you can walk to an area to go on rides at was perfect for our sons.  Knoebels Amusement Resort has an all-day ride purchase that we were able to get for each of the boys for a very good price.  Most of the rides are for kids as it is, and Rob and I were able to buy individual tickets for rides we’d go on with the boys (I went on a total of 4 rides or so only).

They also have a pool there (with wild slides) which was so cold!!

To explain Micah putting his fingers in his ears for the one photo, there was a loud roller coaster and Micah doesn’t like loud noises.

We played miniature golf there before we left, in which Leto beat us all in!

This week there will be video footage up from some of the rides and our time walking around on our YouTube channel.



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