This summer I will admit my quilting has slowed down, but that is because we’ve been out doing so many fun things together as a family.

My main hobby is truly quilting.  It is weird to think that I have been making quilts for nearly three years already.  I feel as if I was born to make them!  I am sad I missed out on many years not making quilts (and I certainly wanted to learn to sew to get me there for a long time).

I love looking at the fabric I have and sometimes asking it what it wants to be (yes, I really do).  I find myself quilting while my sons are done with school work for the day or while they are doing worksheets.

Maybe you are unsure of what hobby you might be able to go full throttle into.  Whatever it is, being in a small home does help my creativity thrive.  I have less to really do around the house and more time to enjoy working at the kitchen table and my living room floor for quilt making.

My sons and husband all cheer me on and compliment the work I do as it is being done.  I think it helps keep me going most days.  I also tell my sons to try to do creative things or I am able to show them that hard work does pay off.  They know I have fun quilting and it has taught them to find something they are good at that is also fun while inside (or outside too).  I don’t like my hands having nothing to do, and I love just to experiment!  If one must experiment, fabric is fun to think things up with.  I like planning out color usage and sizes of things and what may or not work. There are times where I get nervous about messing up, but I find there are times where I can create from those mess-ups too.

I have not posted photos of the quilt I made for my parents’ bed on my blog yet.  I made an Irish Chain quilt that really took me about a week and a half to make, maybe less.  My mom was in shock when I had it ready for her so soon.  I made her a queen sized one based off of her telling me she wanted a blue and white quilt.

What is really awesome about me making this quilt is that I told my mom, “Oh. . .I really want to get some photos of the quilt on your bed, but I am going to have to maybe move some of your furniture out of the shots because of the clutter you have on your night stands.  She knows how I feel about clutter, and she is the clutter queen.  The following day I went over to get the shots ready and she was all excited and said she replaced her nightstand with a better one and that she cleaned up her clutter.  I was in shock and really glad, because I wasn’t telling her to get rid of it, I just was saying how I needed to set up the shots a little.  Funny how your simple living can inspire people who usually are hard to talk with about simple living and minimalism. Her night stands are barely even in these photos, but compared to how they did look, I am impressed!

Sorry some of these shots make the quilt look wrinkly. It isn’t, it is just a mix of the quilting design going through the layers and the grass underneath some of the shots.

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  1. What a gorgeous quilt, Victoria! You are incredibly talented. This inspires me to pick back up my sewing!

  2. Love seeing your quilts on Instagram and your blog, the one you made for your mom is gorgeous! Enjoyed your thoughts on how your quilting sets an example for your kids. I think it’s so important for our kids to see us doing things we enjoy for ourselves, things that take time/are hard work and turning mistakes into something positive and even beautiful.

    • Aww thanks so much Jenn!!!
      My kids sometimes ask if they can make the quilts I am working on with me, but because I sell them, I tend to tell them “no” but I have been teaching them to sew and have them help here and there, which is fun for them. They really do enjoy seeing what I do.

  3. Beautiful quilt! My mom used to love quilting and I now have all of hers. Growing up, I had no interest. Even in my 20’s…none. Yet now with my mom gone, I have such an appreciation for quilts and although I can imagine making them at this point in my life, I love having them all over my house.

  4. […] Finding the balance in making a mess and raising a creative free spirit. Justice Pirate– “Creativity Bursts in Small Home Living” : When sometimes you have dreams of fabric, colors, and getting snuggly in a quilt you made […]


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