It had been nine years since the last time we went to the Renaissance Faire.  We hadn’t the money to go on a regular basis, and one of my best friends used to work there and give me tickets a few years in a row.  We planned on returning this year now that we are debt free.  We got discounts on the tickets and the boys were free, but my goodness the food is expensive at the Ren Faire.

This is the first time the boys went to the Renaissance Faire since Leto was a baby and Micah was in my womb.  Therefore, it was the first time they’d really be going.  Rob was so excited to go again that he even put on his kilt a few days before we went, all excited to wear it again.  The boys never saw him in it before and really liked it.  They kept telling us how they too wanted kilts.

Let me back track a bit.

When Rob and I were dating for not even a full year (though close to it), he was 18 and I was 17.  His family took me to the Faire.  It was the first time I had been there and it was so neat.  We sat on a rock in a quiet place that was away from most of the people.  It had been so hot that day, yet a little wet and muddy, as it had rained a lot the day before and there was a hot drizzly mist of water on us the day we were there (with on and off sun showers).  Sitting on that rock, Rob said how he never wanted to be with any other girl but me.  He said he wanted to marry me.  He confessed it so sincerely and then actually wanted to get rings to commemorate his promise of marriage.  I was delighted and responded back that I would love him forever and would also marry him one day.  It was our engagement, though because I was still in high school (about to enter my senior year), and because we knew we had to wait longer, we called it a pre-engagement.  We bought $10 sterling silver bands for our fingers that we wore on our right ring fingers.  This was our promise to be bound together for life.

Fast forward a year after that and Rob had it all planned out to propose again to me after hopefully finding the right ring at the Faire again.  He asked my parents for permission with me present, we headed off, and were disappointed that there weren’t really any nice rings to use as an engagement ring.  It was a couple weeks after that in which he proposed, but everything happened around the Renaisance Faire in regards to our being engaged.

I bought my highland dress when I was 19 (shown in all the photos I am in below).  Rob bought his full Scottish kilt right after we married a year later. My mother-in-law bought the boys their kilts for them that were made while we walked around.  They were so cute the whole day about wearing them and really like them.  We looked like a cute Celtic family.  It was fun to be there and see how the boys reacted to the shows and the people there.

My sister-in-law paid for me to get my hair done, as I had never done so before at the faire and she does it each year.  It was so lovely!

Also I met my first cousin Dawn’s son Cody who was playing Sir Walter Raleigh at the Faire.  He was trying to figure out how we were related when I went up to him (which I explained that his mom’s mom was my aunt, his grandmother, and that her younger brother is my dad, his mom’s uncle).  I am not close to my dad’s side of the family and never met most of the family members, but I do know Dawn slightly (we have talked a few times and I like her).  I am the very youngest of my cousins on that side (the eldest, if she were still alive, would be in her 60s, the next oldest is about 60 or 61, so we have a large age gap since I am 33).  Cody is pictured in one of these shots and looks a little like one of my brothers, so I can see the family resemblance.

Anyway, in regards to minimalism and the Faire, we put good use into the outfits we own and have worn for many many many years and at Faires for a few years.  I believe if you own something that you know you will use, keep it.  The boys’ kilts should last them both another two or three years since they adjust as you grow (unless Leto has a large growth spurt in the next couple years).  The Japanese parasol I have has been used several times and is a canvas, able to be used in rain as well.  I am glad that the Faire holds nice memories for all of us.  I am sure it will continue to do so in the future as well.

Check out the NY Renaissance Faire in Sterling Forest!


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