When we took a vacation in Virginia, the first place we went to was the Civil War Museum to teach the boys some history, located in New Market.  The tickets were good for seven days.  We went there when we arrived to the state, and then again the following morning to finish up.  I think the boys learned a lot from the experience.

When we teach history, it is through an Anabaptist perspective (we are peacemakers).  It is really important to us to show both sides to the story as well as a third side.  The Mennonites, Amish, and Quakers of that time were the third side.  They were the ones who were against being a part of the war or the oppression behind the war. People tend to think peacemakers sit back and do nothing, but that is so untrue about Anabaptists.  We do what we can to show love to all people, including our enemies.  Therefore, we, who live in the Union side (Yankees) and traveled to the Confederate side (Rebels) to this museum in a state that is known to be in the middle (where people fought for both sides and had splits – I mean that’s why we have a West Virginia), and stand against war as Anabaptists, it made for really great conversation and situations to learn about.  I’d say that we took the “Christian” stance, but the majority who fought in this war believed in the Bible and God and claimed to be Christians, which is why I will often state I am an Anabaptist Mennonite.  It separates a big difference of opinions and convictions.

This place was beautiful, no doubt.  It is sad to think of all the bloodshed that took place here.  They even had a place called the “field of lost shoes.”  There was a lot to look at there, from a beautiful view off the mountain, an informational walk-through museum, to an old farm that was used as a hospital when taken over by the military.

There are a lot of spiderwebs on the path through the trees.  I had my parasol with me and started to use it to take them down while walking through.

I did not take any photos while inside the actual museum building but did get a few in the farm house.

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