Goblin: The Lonely and Great God (2016)
5 stars
Starring: Gong Yoo. Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na, Yook Sung Jae
This is my favorite Korean Drama ever.  Yes. I said that.  It took me a couple months to watch another drama after seeing this one.  Once I tried, I couldn’t enjoy the ones I started.  It was really hard to unwind after this.  I am still in recovery many months since seeing it.

The plot of this show is that Kim Shin lived in ancient Korea.  Because of some terrible sin he committed, as well as others who had such problems, he had to become an immortal god that left behind much lure in Korean culture as what a goblin is like.  I don’t really know that lure of the goblin in their history.  He is doomed to live forever, but he does not want to live forever.  He needs to find his bride who will remove a sword from his body that will kill him.

The whole story is a beautiful romantic tale.  The characters are so likeable and hilarious and very sweet.  I loved the relationship between the Grim Reaper and the Goblin as well.  It was a beautiful show in every sense: the art of photography, the scenery, the costumes, and the music.

Episode 11 and 13 stole my heart completely.  The last two episodes seemed a bit rushed though.  My husband sat down to watch this show with me, which he laughed a bunch and had to hold me as I sobbed in his arms a few times (he thinks that’s funny and cute).  I haven’t had a good cry watching a show in a while, but I have never cried this much.  I was so upset it ended.

content: some violent imagery with war and such as well as blood, talk of gods, kissing, some bad language, some drinking/drunkenness, people die.

The Best Hit (2017)
3.75 stars
Starring: Yoon Si Yoon, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Min Jae, Lee Se Young, Lee Duk Hwa
Picture the early 1990s and how rap was becoming bigger, and that includes in Korea.  A famous singer suddenly disappears and no one knows what happened to him.  Years later, the girl who loved him, the manager who worked with him, and the world as we know it is completely changed. . . and that singer enters into the future.

You know, this show really only works if you imagine that the main character jumped dimensions because of how the timeline functions, but otherwise, this story was really cute and I loved watching each episode.  It was really funny too!  It made me fall for the acting of Yoon Si Yoon, and so now I plan on watching a few of his shows.

Also, the characters throughout this show have really great development and I loved unraveling who they were as I watched this.  It was just really sweet.  I can’t talk a lot about it because in doing so, I give spoilers no matter how hard I try not to.

content: drinking/drunkenness, some bad language, talk about pregnancy before marriage, a guy who seems to be checking out someone while being married to someone else, kissing.

King 2 Hearts (2012)
3.25 stars
Starring: Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, Jo Jung Suk, Yoon Je Moon, Lee Yoon Ji, Lee Sung Min
This whole story is very fictional, so keep that in mind.  There is a king in South Korea and for some reason they dress like it is the royal family of Great Britain, but besides that, there are talks of a bit of unity between North and South Korea so that they can become one country again.  This show starts by having some army members from both sides to join together as a team for a competition that will happen with other military groups in the world.  In this group is a North Korean woman who seems a bit interested in South Korea’s pop-culture and a South Korean prince.

Of course there is also another story that is intertwined throughout this.  A weird magician guy from South Korea who has business throughout the world, as he owns a big named company, wants to do whatever he can to keep the Koreas separate from one another.  He is violent.  He is merciless.  He hates the royal family.

I had a hard time watching this at times.  People who speak English in this show really are bad actors and I can’t take them that seriously even though they are meant to be creepy.  Also, I just don’t really like military based shows and don’t really watch them.  This one was a bit more violent than most of the shows I have seen in Korean Drama.  The romantic tale sometimes was odd too, but got really cute.  This was definitely a sad story and it was good.  I just feel it was a little corny at times.

content: blood, torture, violence, people die, kissing, punching, kicking, shooting, talk of pregnancy before marriage, some bad language throughout – some is strong, some immodesty (women in under garments shown on a magazine at one point), deceit, vengeance.

Flower Boy Next Door (2013)
4.25 stars
Starring: Park Shin Hye, Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Park Soo Jin, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Seul Gi
This show is so very adorable, cute, sad, lovely, fun, and bleeds with romantic sweetness.
I really enjoyed this, but then again Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon can’t disappoint me!!! The dialogue and the way each character is worked out throughout the story is really grand.  I feel like you really understand each person who shows up throughout this and feel badly for some, not so badly for others, and really the emotions keep your heart pumping!

In case you want the basic concept of this show, Go Dok Mi stays inside her apartment a lot. She works from home and enjoys her solitude. She has a man she is in love with whom she watches through her window. Suddenly someone else shows up at the man’s house and takes notice of her. On another note, Go Dok Mi’s neighbors are writing a webtoon and take inspiration from the shy lady next door. One of the guys has been slowly taking note of her for three years.

content: drunkenness, kissing, deceit, some bad language used, a bit of bullying

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