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7 Simple Living Must-Haves

Did you expect me to give you a list of things to buy?  I’m a minimalist and try not to buy anything unless I need it to survive or it is something I know I am going to use a lot.  But enough about stuff, let’s get into what are definite must-haves to have a simple life.

1. Love
If you have no love in your home, it won’t be simple at all.  It won’t be worth even trying to do all of this simplistic living.  Love is what makes it work.  Love brings about teamwork.  Love brings about the ability to enjoy the time you have together.

2. Relaxation
If you are overly stressed out and feel as if you haven’t been able to relax, you’re going to need to cut things out of your life to get the opportunity.  Do it.  When you have the ability to relax, it helps you feel at ease.  Sometimes sitting outside for five to ten minutes is the nicest way to relax.  Other times it might be just taking time out to read a book or sit still on a couch.  However you choose to relax, enjoy yourself.

3. Less chore time and more hobby time
If you find yourself constantly feeling as if you need to clean your home because it is always in disarray, you probably just have too much stuff.  I find I don’t really have to clean that much at home, and I am really into being tidy, simply because I don’t have an over abundance of possessions.  I have lots of time to work on things I love to do though.

4.  Enjoy your children (if you have them)
When I get really upset over the mundane things my kids do, I realize it is because I am tired of them ignoring me, which sometimes just means I am ignoring them and the fun they might be having.  I have learned this summer to enjoy my children.  I have been more at peace with them and in my own heart in doing that.  If they are having fun playing around and doing something, I let them for just a bit longer and say, “Just please clean up in a little bit okay?”  Or if they want to read a book when really it is time to go to sleep, we give them flashlights and tell them to try to not read for too long.  Learning to let them be kids, giving them more hugs, and seeing the delight in their eyes over things they might be learning about or playing with, causes me to breathe in fresh air in my life.

5. Make room for kissing and cuddling
My husband and I kiss and cuddle a lot.  It is one of my favorite things about marriage.  When I am cooking, he is putting his arms around me and gives me a kiss.  When we are listening to music, I will caress Rob’s beard, he’ll wrap me in his arms, squeeze my bum, and give me a few sweet kisses as we sway to the music.  When I am reading in bed, Rob really loves to lay his head on my lap.  I can go on and on with some of the ways that we show affection.  It is my “love language.”  It makes me thrilled.

6. Go out on adventures
A house is nice to live in, but life is best lived outside.  Make a day of going for a walk at a park, going for a hike, enjoying time at your favorite cafe together as a family, taking a bike ride together, or possibly just sitting outside looking at the stars together.  Is it rainy or too cold outside? Play indoor games, build a fort, read a book as a family, or just ask each other questions to get to know one another better.

7. Bake cookies
Okay, so maybe you have to buy the ingredients to make them, but I find that cookies really are great to bake together as a family.  Even in high school I would bake cookies for friends and it always helped cheer them up when they were feeling blue.  My children love to bake cookies with me (and eat them with me) and I know my husband always has a happy tummy after eating them too.  Regardless, cook something together.  It is nice. It is fun.

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13 thoughts on “7 Simple Living Must-Haves

  1. Oh my goodness – the smell of cookies baking in the oven!! I also love the perspective of being outdoors – yes and yes! the weather has finally “cooled” off here in AZ to below 100 so it’s park weather again and we are all breathing a big happy sigh of relief.

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