Everyone has a heavy heart these days.  With all the unrest of violence in the cities we hear about every single month, and possibly every single day for some, it is hard to feel a sense of peace or even find a moment where joy can take over.

Osheta Moore has a really wonderful podcast that I have been listening to since it came out.  She explores topics like racial reconciliation to finding peace with her neighbors on a daily basis to some of her favorite books.  What she discusses with guests on her show is really eye opening and fun at times too.  I was a guest on an episode over a year ago and will be a future guest talking about simple living and minimalism and how it brings peace to my life.

When Osheta announced that she was going to write a book, I was anticipating it immediately.  When she let me read an advanced reader’s copy months before its release day (which is today, by the way), I was really thankful and was sucked into it right away.  She seriously made me laugh and cry.


This woman knows how to make me feel deep emotions and teaches me things that I wish I knew earlier on in life.  In reading her book, it is as if I am having a conversation with her at a cafe or hanging out after church together.  She just shares her struggles and own experiences with needing to keep the peace as a sista in Christ while encouraging others to do the same.  I love that she actually gives a series of shalom steps on how we can find wholeness in our lives and with those we interact with. Her way of presenting things really makes me swoon too.  My favorite quote from the book is:
“When God wants to take charge of the world, he doesn’t send in the tanks. He sends in the poor and the meek.”

After reading this book, I was led to seeking shalom in my own life. I had a lot of unrest in my own soul with relationships I have had with others.  I feel a much deeper peace now.  I continually learn from this sensational woman and am so glad God blessed her with the talent and inspiration to write this book.  I believe that every Christian woman will walk away changed and encouraged after reading this book.  I certainly was.

To read her book, buy it from Amazon, Christian Books, or MennoMedia

After you read it, please let me know what your thoughts on it were!!!


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