When living in a small home, how am I able to make space for much of anything??

The apartment we lived in before was slightly larger than where we live now (and was a one bedroom apt, while we are now in a smaller place with two bedrooms).  We could not fit our large wooden dining room table in our current home.  Instead of keeping it around where it would be too cramped and uneasy to live around, we downsized and have had a smaller glass table since.  We experimented with the direction of where it stands throughout these years, but finally found what worked best for us in regards to its placement.

Therefore, my best advice to all when living in a smaller home is to experiment and use your imagination!

We once had a coffee table, now we do not.  It was not a good placement and would get moved about too often or sat on by our children.  It looks so much nicer not having that there.  You learn to live without things that most might want to have in their homes.  We once had two larger couches and an arm chair, gave away one of them but replaced it with a reclining love seat that was given to us.  I put the armchair out on the curb and it was later picked up by someone driving by (something that we have done several times because we are on a very busy road and most items get picked up within 15 minutes.  I have tested that out often).  Eventually we swapped the love seat out too and now just have one couch which opens up to a bed that the four of us can squeeze on together.  Most days one of us ends up sitting on the floor though (that person tends to be me, because I prefer floors usually anyway).

I am finding that we have taken things out or replaced items often in the nine years of being in our current home.  Each time, I find that I like less and less to fill those spaces and feel more content with emptier rooms (because I know I’ve said it before, but I feel too many items clutter up a space and I HATE clutter).

When I look through older photos of the inside of the rooms in our home, I see its form of evolution before me and always go, “Wow that looked so bad that way.  I am so glad we changed that.”

Right now, the “newest” change is replacing our dresser with bed drawers that saved space.  Saving space is so much fun for me!  I grew up in a small bedroom as a child and was given dressers that were hard to fit in my room.  I remember dragging one of the dressers downstairs, told my parents I didn’t want it, took two of the drawers, and used them underneath my bed as dressers.  I really loved that.  I missed it for years.  To have it again has really caused me to enjoy the space more.

I think sometimes having an imagination on top of it all is helpful.

Me at age 12 in my bedroom with my bed drawers.

My bed with drawers now (which is opened for you to see how much room is in that baby. There are two on each side but we only use two).

This post was written for inclusion in the October collection of the Small Family Homes Blog Community. Read below for more writings on living small from our community of writers. Check back next month for a new topic and posts in the series and follow our community board on Pinterest for the latest small homes and family minimalism pins!


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  2. Downsizing furniture is key to making a small space work! We slowly swapped over everything after we downsized because the scale was way off. A few years ago, we got rid of our coffee table, but we now have a bench and two chairs at our kitchen table. If we want a coffee table, we bring in the bench. Those pieces that pull double duty are great.

  3. […] Pirate– “I’m So Spaced Out!” : Learn about experimentation and the importance of having a little more space than the average […]

  4. I love that you referenced a design choice from your childhood (and had a photo to share too!) It’s fun to think that even back then you were learning and developing your values and sense of place.

  5. […] forget to read the other blogs writing on this month’s topic. hop on over to justice pirate, the streamlined life, fourth & west, a life shift or tiny ass […]


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