Spider-man: Homecoming; 2017
3.75 stars
(w/ Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr. Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Laura Harrier, Jon Favreau, Jacob Batalon)
The comics were always pretty funny and had adventure all the way through.  The Tobey McGuire version captured that, but he wasn’t a young enough Peter Parker.  I did like the second Spider-man movies too, but they were too intense with drama. This captures the heart of the comics.  Why they recorded so many versions in such a short span of time is weird to me though, but I know that Stan Lee strives for perfecting his baby.  It is still weird though.  I liked how everything came together in this especially.  I don’t really need to talk much about the movie, but I’ll just say that you have Peter Parker, the little nerd who goes about helping people when he can.  He has a crush on a girl who is smart and pretty and has a best friend who is also really smart too.  They hang out a lot together.  Mr. Tony Stark comes around wanting to help the kid train to become a part of the Avengers maybe one day, but he isn’t too happy that he isn’t automatically helping them out yet.  This leads to troubles!
content: a minor says he is looking at porn when caught doing secretive superhero things on the computer (but he is not looking at porn), some bad language (the s word, long b word, small b word, d word, nearly the “f” word said), Peter is called “Penis Parker” at some point, alcohol shown being drunk by adults, death, fight scenes

Victor; 2015
3.25 stars
(w/ Patrick Davis, Lisa Vidal, José Zúñiga, Josh Pence, Matt Angel)
I grew up watching The Cross and the Switchblade and read the book not too long ago as well.  This story is similar and from nearly the same area and time period (this is set in the early 60s while TCatS was set in the mid to late 50s).  Victor is a young man who was born in Puerto Rico.  His family came to Brooklyn for a better life.  When times get tough, Victor starts to make friends with the wrong kids who get him involved in violence and drugs, specifically heroin.  At the same time, a young pastor converts an old bar into a little church and wants to help the neighborhood and kids like Victor.  This was good! It was a Christian movie, but it is more about the struggles of a young man and how he overcame his hardships and how supportive his family was in trying to help him out.
content: the small “a” word is used, “hell” is used incorrectly.  gun violence and death are shown, people are shown taking drugs (it is never shown being injected into a person though), drug withdrawal is shown, deceit, theft, and smoking is also shown.

Lust For Life; 1956
3.25 stars
(w/ Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn)
This is based off of Vincent Van Ghogh’s life.  I watched this while I was teaching a homeschooling co-op about him.  It showed me portions of his life that I didn’t even know about (such as how he wanted to be a minister).  I really was drawn to the person Vincent was before he started to go downhill or juts the fact that he was greatly misunderstood which led to his crazed problems later on in his life.  I think the only weird part about this movie is that sometimes they’d show him creating something and then they’d show a still of the actual artwork as it looks in whichever museum it was in at the time.  Kirk Douglas played his role perfectly (he won a Golden Globe for it).
content: A man at one point is living with a single mother whom he loves (no talk about sex but they do kiss), you see Vincent’s violent side at times but it is never graphic (you just know what happened as you watch while the camera turns away from the event), a man tries to force a woman to kiss him at one point

Poverty, Inc.; 2014
3.5 stars
This film focuses on the outlook that many pop icons draw to stopping the problems that come along with poverty, but how the way they might talk about helping those people could be ineffective and the wrong approach to do.  It talks about the problems involving some adoption agencies, the structure of how even good ideas like TOMS one for one ideas could be causing problems, and how small businesses in these areas might be destroyed because of our ways of thinking we are helping.  It gives a great perspective of how our intentions could be more painful for someone that we think are helping but aren’t helping.  I found it to be intriguing!
content: possible language (been a couple months since seeing it that I am typing out the review, very sorry.  I usually do it right after or as I watch)

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead; 2010
3.25 stars
This was such an inspiring movie!  The story is created and presented starting with the main man who came from Australia who built up his business but in the process became really large because of it.  When he is told he has a rare disease that could kill him early on in his life, he decides to make a drastic change by exercising and living off of juicing to help his health in 60 days.  While on the journey, he tries to encourage and get other people he meets on board to join him.  While there is a woman at one point who does join him, it is only for ten days and is a brief part of this story.  He happened to have met another very large man who had the exact disease he has who he tries to encourage.  I found this story even more encouraging too.  The two of them now try to help others out since making this and they have a sequel film they did 4 years later too that I hope to see soon.  The results of this test were really neat!
content: some bad language scattered, bare bellied men shown

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