I completed my resolutions for 2017 as well as for 2016 in this year alone.  It was quite productive.  Therefore we had a great year!  Tell me your resolutions/goals for the coming year!

  • I quilted a lot (still have to post a few of them on here)
  • I started running
  • I completed my first full year as a vegetarian
  • I traveled south of NJ for the first time
  • I was able to have fun with photography again
  • I spent a lot less time on social media and more time with people face to face
  • The boys finally can ride their bikes without training wheels
  • We went camping
  • Rob and I started a podcast
  • I created my first vegetable garden
  • We joined a few homeschooling co-ops
  • We became debt free
  • I was able to go on several lunch dates with my sons
  • I read a lot more than last year
  1. Smile
    I feel like I have already started to do this – you know, smiling with my full on smile and showing my teeth and not being embarrassed about it.  I really spent too much of my life not smiling and I know that doing so actually cheers me up more.  I find myself laughing more often too (in the dorky laughing sense).
  2. Travel More
    I know that we did great this year but now we are going to try to go more south and even slightly west (as I’ve never been west of PA)!  We’ve been talking about what our plans are and now it is just a matter of saving and pursuing our goal.
  3. Go on Bike Rides
    Now that the boys can ride bikes on their own, I hope to slowly teach them how to ride on the actual road.  I know this is going to take some time (and maybe not even one year), but we’re going to test it out and teach them.  I hope that we can ride to a few surrounding towns to do errands even.
  4. Relax and Spend Time Outside
    It is hard to go outside all the time where we live, but if we ride bikes, continue to go to the lake, work on a new vegetable garden, and maybe go on more walks; I know that this can be something we can accomplish.  I also need to relax more.  I push myself to keep my mind occupied, but it causes me to have little time to relax and I have begun to grow tired and need naps lately.  I fight napping and relaxing, so I want to take it easy here and there.  Perhaps this means just having one whole day where we don’t do much of anything.
  5. Talk More with My Sons
    You know when kids are small and they can’t really have in-depth conversations about life and their opinions or thoughts on things?  I want to have these discussions with my sons now that they are growing up a little.  I want them to ask more questions, think for themselves, and to slowly come up with answers to their thoughts over time.  I don’t want them to take my word for things right away, but to seek out their own answers.  I feel this will help us to trust one another well and form important bonds.  This does not mean that I will let them do whatever they want, but that we will be more caring of our differences and that I need more patience with them, as they are just figuring out things in small measures that have taken me several years to understand.  I can’t expect them to get there in a day.

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Victoria. Anabaptist, Wife of Rob, Mom of two boys, minimalist, quilt maker, Resources Adviser/Social Media Manager for anti-human trafficking awareness organization Justice Network (justice-network.org).


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