I had been hoping to go back to Jockey Hollow and the Wick House for a few years to show my sons, since I went there for a field trip when I was in third grade and it seriously changed my life (it inspired my minimalism, which I have mentioned in the past).

One of our homeschooling co-ops had a field trip there in November (and it was very cold that day).  We started out in learning how colonist soldiers in the Revolutionary War lived in their barracks while waiting in NJ to fight the British soldiers.  When I went to my field trip, I actually got to go inside some of these old cabins, but now they have a model of it for you to walk into at the museum.

Each of the students were put into groups.  They had to go through items that were needed or used by a soldier.  They learned so many cool things and had to explain to each group about the items that they had and why they may have been important.  Both my sons got to speak out for their groups as leaders (so I was really proud of them).

Afterwards, we took a walk to the Wick House, which was larger than I had remembered it to be!  I even asked the tour guide how many square feet it was, and he was unsure, but it seemed like it was larger than the space we live in today (how crazy)!  We walked through each room and learned about it being taken over by commanding officers and how the family were supposed to be paid for lending it to war efforts.  It was so interesting to think how much more I learned about it as an adult than I had as a child.  I think our tour guide was really great at explaining everything!

I love learning about history and how people once lived or do live depending on location.  After the trip, we read the book If You Lived in Colonial Times for a week or two slowly (to properly understand and learn things while discussing them).  After reading it and after attending the museum, we definitely are glad we did not live back then.  It was still a lot of fun.

I didn’t really try to take that great of photos this time, and it shows. whoops. I’ll actually try next time. Wickhouse5thumbWickhouse6thumbWickhouse8thumbWickhouse10thumbWickhouse11thumbWickhouse12thumbWickhouse2thumbWickhouse1thumbWickhouse4thumb

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