Goodbye, Blog

I have been blogging for 19 years

That is a long time to wear my heart on my sleeve for all the world to openly read about.

I have little time for my blog.  It is a chore now.  It used to come naturally to me and excite me to want to write up something and share my photos with my thoughts.  Now I want to enjoy my family and hobbies without having to share every detail.   I find this blog unnecessary now. Therefore….

I will be deleting this website this weekend.  I already deleted the majority of the posts.

Where you can still connect with me:

  • Rob and I have a podcast called Simply Us! You can also listen on iTunes.
  • We also share a twitter account, but don’t really post too often.
  • I’m on Pinterest and do update it weekly.
  • My Instagram – I will only be posting my actual photography and Simply Us episode updates on there.
  • I have an etsy shop where I’ll be selling more quilts soon and also sell items made by artisans where 100% of the profits go to human trafficking survivor care through Justice Network, the organization I volunteer for.  I’ll be updating that soon.
  • E-mail me!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Blog

  1. Ah! I have some favorite posts of yours so I’ll have to go back and save them before they’re gone forever! (Like ones with photos of homeschool materials and such.) If that’s ok with you!

  2. I will miss reading your blog Victoria. But I totally understand not feeling the need to blog anymore. I feel the same way and nots why I have never resurrected my blog as I don’t feel motivated to do it anymore either. Enjoy your time with family and working on your hobbies. You have been an inspiration and I will continue to keep an eye out for you on your other social media platforms. ❤

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