While homeschoolers are known for not ever having snow days, such as my boys. Sometimes I let them have their time to just dream.  I took these photos back in January with our first heavy snow of the new year.  They spent about an hour just watching the snow.  I was amazed at how content […]

The author, Shari Lopatin, of The Apollo Illusion contacted me a few months ago about sending me a Kindle version of her book that will be released on May 19th for me to write up a review about the book!  I’ve been asked in the past by authors to do this  and am really picky […]

We started this study the day that the winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea started.  It was exciting for the boys to see the opening for the Olympics after we learned a little bit about its history earlier on in the day.  It was actually the perfect way to learn about it!  We got […]

I made this quilt with beautiful fabric colors and prints that I didn’t even think would turn out looking too good together.  I was just messing around but think it is lovely!!  You can buy it here on my etsy shop! I made some scrappy quilts to try to get through older fabrics I’ve owned […]

I went to the Liberty Science Center for a field trip in third or fourth grade and remember bits and pieces of it, and honestly, even some of the things I remembered being there are still there twenty something years later. In case you are unfamiliar with what the LSC is, there are sections throughout […]

This concludes my favorite musicals.  Watch, as soon as I am done posting this I’ll get other musicals in my head that I wish I included.  There are so many others that I did want to put on this list that I haven’t watched or listened to the soundtrack enough to add.  In time it […]

Moulin Rouge (Ewan McGregor’s voice makes me cry every time) Babes in Arms White Christmas Pete’s Dragon Muppets Take Manhattan Grease The Wizard of Oz Captain January Bugsy Malone Bye Bye Birdie My Fair Lady The Court Jester Road to Rio The Beatles: Help! The Music Man The Muppet Movie (1979) Newsies Fiddler on the […]