A few weeks ago we decided to take a historical field trip to a place called Fosterfields.  We never heard of it before but it sounded neat because it had an interactive farmhouse that I thought the boys would like.  The cost was $20 for the total four of us and I think we got […]

My husband has read two books by abolitionist Henry David Thoreau.  He loved reading Walden very much which was also his grandfather’s favorite book (his grandfather was a minimalist too).  Since Thoreau has pretty much become Rob’s hero, he wanted to see where his house on Walden Pond was. We were on our way to […]

Earlier in May (where my phone short circuited), we went to a Spirit of the Jerseys state history fair.  It was very educational and a great place for the boys to go and learn about various things in history mainly from the Civil War period through the early 1930s.  We love finding educational and cheap […]

I am not a project homeschooling mom at all, though I have done a few.  When curriculum calls for it, I sigh a lot and kind of fight the idea of doing it.  I am trying to step up my project game a little more because the boys like them. It is also tough to […]

I haven’t posted much about my personal life lately.  I’ve been attempting to be more private for various reasons. My church has a summer program every year, which I was able to a part of for six weeks this past summer teaching vocal lessons, Bible lessons to 9-13 year old children, and photography.  Basically, my […]

1. Leto at the summer program at our church with a new friend he made recently.  They were working on charcoal drawings. 2. I read a lot. I get my books for free through paperbackswap.com.  Here I am taping up a book I recently finished that I was to mail out to someone else who wants to read […]

1. We went to a 2 year old’s fun birthday party that was pirate themed.  Rob enjoyed wearing a cardboard pirate hat. 2. Leto blowing bubbles. He could do this for hours and hours. 3. Remember when I had cotton candy blue hair? I couldn’t eat my hair but I like eating blue cotton candy […]