I listen to the Cohesive Home podcast whenever an episode is released. Kate recently had her third child and Melissa has three kids.  They were talking about items that they may or may not have needed as minimalist parents of babies months ago now.  It got me thinking to what my favorite products were when […]

I have been trying to connect with various mothers who have children (or women who don’t mind hanging out with me having children).  It is nice to be able to talk to and see how other mothers interact or handle their children.  We are all different, and it is really cool.  Also, I love for […]

I’m an “advocate” for breastfeeding.  If the words “breast” or “nipple” scare you, don’t read this entry. I breastfed Leto for 15 months (the day I stopped was the day I found out I was newly pregnant with Micah).  I breastfed Micah for 12 months. Each child is different. When I got pregnant my mom […]

Brienne (one of my best friends) decided to become a full time stay-at-home homeschooling mom (as I do) and we all hung out together at the park (about two weeks ago now).  Better for them to scream outside than inside! They all got pretty sweaty and the sun was constantly in their eyes (as you […]

There are many women I know who are pregnant right now or are just having babies! It is really beautiful to know that people are cherishing children and wanting to raise them in a world that seems to make babies a burden and disposable.  It has certainly brought me back to my own pregnancies (which […]