This year we are doing some American history and Asian history studies. This is one of the areas that I decided to not follow a set curriculum, but pretty much have been doing a DIY.  I am loving it.  It has caused my boys and I to read sometimes for hours and other times to […]

Although we don’t have many books about the snow, we do have some that the boys enjoy that I thought I’d share!  I apologize that I didn’t scan pages this time, but it takes a lot of work and taking pictures is just easier for me.  Even though Leto reads chapter books on his own […]

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t remember the first post!”  I haven’t posted about the books we read in over a year.  I had issues with my scanner for a while and once I got it worked out, I just forgot to continue these.  This post has actually been waiting to be posted (in […]

1. A friend of mine (Caitlin) is raising money to help a family who is suffering from tragedy.  Her brother had worked with a very wonderfully happy 6 year old boy named Obed.  She says that they were “best buddies”.  However, Obed’s home had a fire in it which left his older brother (age 8) […]

My sons really love us to read them certain books over and over again. Sometimes they’ll return back to books they remembered they loved months earlier and ask us to read them again. Usually from these books, we read it again the following night when they ask. This can sometimes last up to a week […]