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Three Things I Realized About My Old & New Self

1. I have focused too much on my bad memories. I didn’t really have a bad childhood to most who would look into it and take a peek at my life, and I can tell you each of my parents had a much worse childhood than my own as did their parents before them.  The…… Continue reading Three Things I Realized About My Old & New Self

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How I Face a Challenge

I like facing challenges. I don’t like the rejection I receive after deciding to go through a challenge. It is hard for me when people don’t want to ask why I am doing something, when they don’t understand when I try to explain it, when they start assuming their own ideas about me without asking…… Continue reading How I Face a Challenge

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Helping Widows: Lalita’s Story

I like to sew (quilts) a lot.  I am glad that I know how to do simple stitching to fix clothes that get rips in them or put hems in things that need them.  Although I haven’t done much sewing outside of quilting, I am so glad that I own a sewing machine so I…… Continue reading Helping Widows: Lalita’s Story