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Field Trip: Book Publishing, Printing, and Binding

My eldest brother works for a small book publishing company where he prints and binds books all day (not really sure if I am allowed to say the company, so I just won’t).  There are only a few people who work there (only two people are in my brother’s department). They print books in all… Continue reading Field Trip: Book Publishing, Printing, and Binding

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Experience Presents

My children have all that they need provided for them.  Throughout the year we will buy them fun activity projects.  As a minimalist family, we don’t allow them to have an over abundance, but they certainly play with all that they do have.  That is what is important.  Nothing is wasted or neglected. Rob and… Continue reading Experience Presents

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Fosterfields Family Field Trip

A few weeks ago we decided to take a historical field trip to a place called Fosterfields.  We never heard of it before but it sounded neat because it had an interactive farmhouse that I thought the boys would like.  The cost was $20 for the total four of us and I think we got… Continue reading Fosterfields Family Field Trip

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Summer’s Not Over, Yet It’s Been Busy

We’ve been up to so many things this summer. One thing that drives me crazy is that people assume that once school begins, summer is over. Summer ends in the end of September, and that is how I want to keep it! Although I will be homeschooling and such, I want to continue to do… Continue reading Summer’s Not Over, Yet It’s Been Busy

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Three Things I Realized About My Old & New Self

1. I have focused too much on my bad memories. I didn’t really have a bad childhood to most who would look into it and take a peek at my life, and I can tell you each of my parents had a much worse childhood than my own as did their parents before them.  The… Continue reading Three Things I Realized About My Old & New Self