For a few years our family has been celebrating Pesach/Passover tied in with Yeshua/Jesus instead of Easter. We have no Jewish heritage and are Christians adopted as God’s children, but if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that we don’t celebrate the typical holidays for many reasons.  We really love the […]

Right near where I live is this little 50s styled hot dog and ice cream shoppe called POPS. We constantly stop there for Vanilla milkshakes and hot dogs (I really really love hot dogs).  The owners are so nice. The lady who runs it always talks to me and she commented often on my outfits. […]

Yep, another cooking entry. I don’t do them that often.I cooked this earlier on in the week. It is one of my hubby’s favourites. Chicken ala Parma Rosa Mmm! I want some now!

I like to cook meals (and do it every night). I am not much for baking, but I think I am an okay cooker. Rob’s favourite meals usually incorporate chicken. Two of his top 5 meals I make are both Chicken Alfredo, but made completely different from one another – tasting differently as well (but both […]