Where I once sang the song of bitterness I now sing the song of contentedness I have learned to listen more and try to understand people rather than have my opinion made out about them.  I give people a chance and realize that we all come from different backgrounds with different thought processes and beliefs.  […]

We visited our friends the Carlsons for the 4th time in Emilee and my 13 years of friendship.  It is crazy how much I love being with that family. Wait, It actually isn’t crazy at all.  They are hands down my favorite family to be around.  I have previously posted about our visits there on […]

I haven’t posted much about my personal life lately.  I’ve been attempting to be more private for various reasons. My church has a summer program every year, which I was able to a part of for six weeks this past summer teaching vocal lessons, Bible lessons to 9-13 year old children, and photography.  Basically, my […]

1. Leto at the summer program at our church with a new friend he made recently.  They were working on charcoal drawings. 2. I read a lot. I get my books for free through paperbackswap.com.  Here I am taping up a book I recently finished that I was to mail out to someone else who wants to read […]

1. Micah with a friend from church.  Last week (I meant to post this on Monday) we started a six week program at our church for children to learn about Jesus through the arts.  We had a very small first week (which expanded quite a bit this past week) so they had small crafts here and […]

Last night Rob said to me, “You know what’s cool? On this night 10 years ago I couldn’t wait to marry you in the morning!” While some people may have pre-wedding jitters or cold feet, Rob and I both were very excited to get married (at 20 and 21 years of age).  Rob was up early, […]

One of the most important things and hardest things about being a part of a family, is to be careful in how you train your children.  The most important thing is the salvation we have received by grace through Jesus who died and rose again.  In our marriage and in raising our children, we’ve been […]