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Field Trip: Book Publishing, Printing, and Binding

My eldest brother works for a small book publishing company where he prints and binds books all day (not really sure if I am allowed to say the company, so I just won’t).  There are only a few people who work there (only two people are in my brother’s department). They print books in all… Continue reading Field Trip: Book Publishing, Printing, and Binding

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Fosterfields Family Field Trip

A few weeks ago we decided to take a historical field trip to a place called Fosterfields.  We never heard of it before but it sounded neat because it had an interactive farmhouse that I thought the boys would like.  The cost was $20 for the total four of us and I think we got… Continue reading Fosterfields Family Field Trip

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Homeschooling Whys

“What’s wrong with ‘regular’ school?” “You homeschool? Good for you! That must be hard.  I could never do that myself.” “Shouldn’t your kids be in school right now? Is there a holiday today?” Ah, the questions that my sons and I are tired of hearing whenever we are out and about during the day.  The… Continue reading Homeschooling Whys

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Our Family in Weekly Photos (2014) – 33 of 52

1. Leto took this one with a phone.  A girl who I’ve known since she was about  10 or 11 (she was one of my youth group girls) who is nearly 17 now went bowling with us.  She is preparing for a new year on the bowling team.  Here we are posing with our bowling… Continue reading Our Family in Weekly Photos (2014) – 33 of 52

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Homeschooling: Curriculum I Use

I’m a conversationalist.  When I go places and try to get to know people, they bring up schools or talk of where their child attends a school.  They often assume by default (which is completely understandable) that I have my kids in a “normal” school environment.  When they ask about teachers or classes or something… Continue reading Homeschooling: Curriculum I Use

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Schooling at Home

These two boys are a daily challenge for me.  I get to hear them laugh, cry, whine, yell, and grunt on a regular basis.  They frustrate me each day but they also make me see that they are such amazing blessings.  What great children I have; it is completely true.   God is guiding their… Continue reading Schooling at Home