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Homeschoolers Have Field Trips Too

We have not been a part of a homeschooling Co-op group for that long, but we are really thankful for the one that we are a part of. Our group went on a field trip to a working farm called Abma’s Farm.  Our tour guide showed us the cage-free chicken house, seedlings for planting vegetables…… Continue reading Homeschoolers Have Field Trips Too

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Field Trip: Book Publishing, Printing, and Binding

My eldest brother works for a small book publishing company where he prints and binds books all day (not really sure if I am allowed to say the company, so I just won’t).  There are only a few people who work there (only two people are in my brother’s department). They print books in all…… Continue reading Field Trip: Book Publishing, Printing, and Binding

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Homeschooling Whys

“What’s wrong with ‘regular’ school?” “You homeschool? Good for you! That must be hard.  I could never do that myself.” “Shouldn’t your kids be in school right now? Is there a holiday today?” Ah, the questions that my sons and I are tired of hearing whenever we are out and about during the day.  The…… Continue reading Homeschooling Whys