Sometimes I look through my old yearbooks and read what people wrote to me. This is as a reminder of who I may want to still be or who I definitely don’t want to be anymore now that I am an adult.  I guess when you see people writing in it everywhere, “Never change,” it […]

The only year I enjoyed in middle school was 1996/1997 (7th grade for me).  The girl I had considered to be my best friend at the time was going to have a movie night for her birthday.  Her family just got a sound system put in and we were officially 13 years old (my birthday […]

I started blogging in 1999, the year I started my sophomore year of high school (nearly 17 years ago, friends).  I was so open about everything as a teenager, while having a happy, positive attitude that eventually turned sour and was too opinionated, costing me friendships I held dear.  People would scrutinize my blog so […]

1. The more that I age, the more I become simple in so many ways. 2. Micah tells me he gets sad when people don’t find him to be cute.  I haven’t heard one person yet who doesn’t find him cute! 3, This man can really only cook grilled cheese and mac & cheese.  He has […]